The TIM Trend: July 2020

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JULY 2020

TIM Teams

All first responders, whether police, fire, tow, EMS, or a local government agency, it’s a fact that you’ll end up working a scene with one another. And it’s pretty clear that each discipline shows up and does ‘their’ job. They’re good at it, they get it done and head out. Never really crossing paths, just working alongside one another.

Without realizing it, each discipline has built a silo. Which is great. Silos can be extremely useful. However, silos can also be a problem. They don’t allow us to work together, just alongside one another.

How can we break out of our silos? It’s easy – first, we can acknowledge they exist. We can also train together. We know that in order for the incidents we work to be seamless, safe and efficient, we have to learn from one another. We can also hold regular meetings – TIM Team meetings.

Our current TIM Teams are set up regionally. They are established based on geographical areas or because there is an area with issues that need work. TIM Teams help us all by:

  • Building professional relationships
  • Helping to understand the capabilities of your partners
  • Helping build a network of partners you can rely on when you really need them
  • Helping you building trust and a rapport amongst your partners/peers
  • Maximizing the safety of the incidents that you all work

These key points are the heart of the TIM Teams and their purpose. Your TIM Teams across the state have tackled topics like:

  • The eclipse
  • Major hazmat spills
  • Large country music events
  • Cascadia Fault Line planning
  • Dams breaking in communities
  • Planning construction events

TIM Teams have proven their worth in getting all responders comfortable and familiar with each other in a safe location - not on the side of the road.

If you are not a member of a TIM Team, find one in your area. If you are wanting to start a TIM Team, contact me at justin.guinan@odot.state.or.usand we can look at getting one in your area.

Until next time, stay safe.

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Justin Guinan, Oregon TIM coordinator

Oregon TIM Team Map