STIF Formula Fund Allocation estimate now available

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April 11, 2018

Oregon Transit Providers,

Our team has been working hard to develop an updated planning level Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund (STIF) Formula Fund allocation estimate. This estimate will assist Qualified Entities (QEs) with developing a prioritized list of transit improvements for submittal to ODOT later this year. It also assists QEs with developing sub-allocation estimates as a starting point for local decision-making.

It’s important to note: the forecast we’ve put together is conservative. There are several reasons for this – one is because the tax is new and we lack historical data to predict future revenues; the other is simply that we don’t know what the level of taxpayer compliance will be, at least initially.

As you know, we will only distribute the revenue we receive, which may be more or less than this estimate, up to the Qualified Entity’s approved STIF Plan funding limit. For this reason, Qualified Entities, or QEs, are encouraged to submit a prioritized list of projects that exceeds this estimate by 30 percent.

Sub-allocation method guidance

We’ve also developed draft guidance and a list of data sources to help QEs and Public Transportation Service Providers (PTSPs) with developing their Formula Fund sub-allocation method and estimates. The QEs sub-allocation estimate should be a starting point for the QEs STIF Plan and funding prioritization process. The sub-allocation is not an entitlement to the PTSPs, and decision criteria may affect the prioritization of projects.


The following documents are located in the STIF Rulemaking Library at the bottom of the STIF Webpage or at the hyperlinks below:

Thank you for your continued interest and contributions to Oregon’s transportation system.

Karyn Criswell
STIF Implementation Project Manager