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Take Five Minutes for Safety

NHTSA manages vehicle safety recalls, sets vehicle safety standards, and requires automakers to recall vehicles that have safety defects or do not meet those standards. If your car has a recall, get it fixed - it could save a life. Also, check your car for recalls at least twice a year, and sign up to receive alerts about new recalls at

Checking your car for recalls is easy. Follow these simple steps to use the VIN look-up tool.

Take Five Minutes for Safety - Check for Recalls
Take 5 minutes for safety: Check for recalls

Vision Zero through the Eyes of a Portland Trauma Nurse

A member of the Portland Vision Zero Task Force works as a critical care nurse and shares information about prevention as a key component for reaching the goal of zero traffic related fatalities and serious injuries. More

(Source: Portland Bureau of Transportation.)


Lincoln County Sheriff's Office Shares Lifesaving Distracted Driving Video

Are you able to spot the two year old running down the middle of US 101 in the image below? Now imagine if you were reaching for the radio or a bottle of water, adjusting the temperature control, or talking or texting on your cell phone. Things can change in a heartbeat! A Lincoln County Sheriff dashboard camera captured a video a couple weeks ago that proves just how quickly things can change when you are driving. 

Distraction is anything that diverts the driver’s attention from the primary tasks of navigating the vehicle and responding to critical events. To put it another way, a distraction is anything that takes your eyes off the road (visual distraction), your mind off the road (cognitive distraction), your hands off the wheel (manual distraction), and hearing something not related to driving (auditory distraction). 

This is a really good reminder to put away the distractions and focus on getting where you want to go safely. Then do that every time you are out walking, biking, or motoring around and you’ll create a healthy habit and serve as a good role model – not to mention increasing your chances of getting somewhere safe and sound.

Lincoln County Sheriff's Office Dash Cam Video
Dashcam video: Deputy finds child running down Hwy 101

Make a Game Plan for Super Bowl Sunday

Whether your get-together is focused on watching the fun new ads, discussing the quarterback duel, or enjoying the halftime extravaganza, planning ahead is critical to making your Super Bowl Sunday safe. Over the past three years, alcohol has been involved in half of the fatal crashes that occurred during the big game weekend – but in Oregon and around the country, “Fans don’t let fans drive drunk.” 

Here are some tips to keep in mind: 

  • Before choosing to take even one drink, choose an ‘MVP’ – a sober designated driver.
  • Download and use an app, such as SaferRide, to arrange transportation or notify a sober friend that you need a ride.
  • Have plenty of non-alcoholic beverages on hand, and use these other party tips to keep your friends and family safe.
  • Remember, it’s illegal to operate a bicycle when you are impaired.
  • It’s also illegal to drive or bike under the influence of marijuana.
  • Always buckle up. It’s still your best defense against impaired drivers.
  • Support zero tolerance for impaired driving by reporting them to 9-1-1 or OSP at 1-800-24DRUNK (1-800-243-7865).

Make sure your game plan includes safe travel, such as using your community’s sober ride program or keeping phone numbers of taxi services handy or programmed into your phone. Plan ahead for your ‘team’ victory – and keep everyone safe.

Super Bowl fans don't let fans drive drunk

February 2016

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