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2022 Fish On! Hook-and-Line Newsletter


Photo: ODFW Marine Reserves Ecological Research Assistant Ryan Fields (right) holds a Quillback Rockfish (Sebastes maliger) with a hook-and-line volunteer (left) in 2022.

Another successful year of hook-and-line surveys is completed, which means another edition of our annual FishOn! Hook and Line Newsletter is now out. This past year we caught and sampled 1,312 fishes, representing 18 different species – including a variety of rockfishes, greenlings, and sculpins – at Cape Perpetua and Cascade Head. Check out the Fish On! Newsletter to see survey highlights, data, photos, and more from 2022.


Photo: Volunteers during the hook-and-line survey in 2022 waiting to see what the sea holds!

This was our 5th year of hook and line surveys at Cape Perpetua and the 6th year at Cascade Head. We caught and released many species of fish, and even reeled in several invertebrates and small rocks - Great job targeting the bottom!


Photo: A spiky Velcro Star (Stylasterias forreri) caught during hook-and-line surveys in 2022.

In 2023, we’ll be conducting our hook-and-line surveys at Cape Falcon. Expect to hear more from us in April when we start up our spring surveys. We’ll keep you up to date on all Oregon marine reserve monitoring surveys and research opportunities happening in 2023 in our monthly eNewsletter.

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Reflecting on 10 Years of Efforts by Community Teams

Oregon's Marine Reserves Program hosted a Community Action Committee (CAC) workshop in late January to reflect on 10 years of collaborative efforts relating to community engagement. The workshop brought leaders of Marine Reserve community teams and the Oregon Marine Reserves Partnership together to identify and discuss shared goals and past successes. The partnerships we built with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and local marine reserve community groups have fostered community engagement in marine reserves implementation at the local level. These groups promote stewardship, serve as liaisons between their community and ODFW, and have been instrumental in developing and carrying out outreach, community engagement, community science, education, and economic development projects at each of the marine reserve sites. We focused on identifying successes, discussing challenges, and charting the path forward for fostering a sense of place and engagement around Oregon’s marine reserves. 

CAC Workshop 2023

Photo: CAC members prioritize long-term visions and goals for the Marine Reserves Program. Courtesy of Joe Liebezeit.

Outreach and Engagement Update

The Marine Reserves is kicking off the new year with community outreach! Program Leader Lindsay Aylesworth gave two presentations in January detailing the updates from our recently completed synthesis report and our program in review, with a particular focus on the Cape Falcon Marine Reserve. If you missed these presentations, recordings for both can be found below.


Portland Audubon Nature Night: Oregon’s Marine Reserves – What Have We Learned in 10 Years?

This panel discussion included presentations by Dr. Will White and Program Leader Dr. Lindsay Aylesworth focused on the review of the Marine Reserves Program over the last 10 years. Dr. White, a professor at Oregon State University, led the team of university researchers who conducted a programmatic review of the Marine Reserves Program in 2022. In addition to presentations by Dr. Aylesworth and Dr. White, a Q&A session provided an opportunity for participants to ask questions about the findings, progress, and context of the Marine Reserves Program and university assessment on a national and international scale.


Video: Portland Audubon Nature Night: Oregon's Marine Reserves - What Have We Learned in 10 Years?


World of Haystack Rock Library Lecture Series Presents: “10th Anniversary of Oregon's Marine Reserves: What Have We Learned?”

Dr. Aylesworth presented at the Cannon Beach Library on January 11th focused on the 10 year program review and associated ecological and socioeconomic findings. This was an interactive presentation in which participants asked questions throughout, facilitating a comprehensive discussion with a particular focus on the Garibaldi community and Cape Falcon Marine Reserve.  


Video: World of Haystack Rock Library Lecture Series Presents: "10th Anniversary of Oregon's Marine Reserves: What Have We Learned?"

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