Marine Reserves News: 2022 Ecological Monitoring Reports Now Available Online

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From the Depths of the Synthesis Report: Presenting the 2022 Ecological Monitoring Reports

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Photo: Core survey tools used by the Marine Reserves Program to gather ecological data (left to right): Video lander, longline (Redfish Rocks only), Hook and Line, SCUBA, and Remotely Operated Vehicle. 

We published the Marine Reserves Program Synthesis Report in February of this year which detailed the past 10 years of development and research of the Marine Reserves Program in Oregon. We created a user-friendly website to share the all of the Marine Reserve Team's ecological monitoring reports that were referenced in the 2022 Synthesis Report. These are the most up to date analyses from each monitoring tool at each marine reserve.

Now each report has its own unique hyperlink to view or share. Note that the reports themselves are dynamic with many additional figures and tables linked within. Click the button below to start your research report adventure!

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Announcement: Hook and Line Fishing Surveys to Start This Fall

angler poses with prized tiger rockfish

Photo: Volunteer angler and deckhand show off a Tiger Rockfish caught on a hook-and-line survey

We are happy to announce that the Marine Reserves Team will be conducting hook-and-line field surveys in late summer/ early fall this year. The surveys will be conducted at Cape Perpetua Marine Reserves and Cascade Head Marine Reserves. We look forward to being back on the water with our volunteers and captains to check in on the fish communities at these two reserves.

Intertidal Sea Star Survey Video

Intertidal Sea Star Video

Photo: Marine Reserves Team surveys intertidal sea stars

In June, we ventured to Otter Rock and Cascade Head Marine Reserves to conduct our annual sea star surveys. We put together this YouTube video in order to share this fun experience with you! Click the link to see how we use permanent transects to help count sea stars and check for signs of sea star wasting disease. 

Reports from the Field - July 2022

Volunteers survey mussel beds at Otter Rock Marine Reserve

Photo: Volunteers assist with the annual mussel bed survey at Otter Rock Marine Reserve

This month staff continued field work efforts for several projects:


Otter Rock: Intertidal mussel bed surveys were completed during this month's minus-tides. This monitoring helps our Oregon State University collaborators track any shifts in mussel bed cover that may have occurred after the outbreak of sea star wasting syndrome.

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Otter Rock & Redfish Rocks: We completed our SMURF (Standardized Monitoring Units for the Recruitment of Fishes) surveys this month to study juvenile fish settlement in the nearshore environment. We collaborate with Oregon State University, the Oregon Coast Aquarium, and South Coast Tours (our newest collaborator out of Port Orford) to accomplish this valuable work.

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