Marine Reserves News: What We've Learned at Redfish Rocks After 10 Years

A Deeper Dive

What Have We Learned at Redfish Rocks?
Snapshots from the Synthesis Report

China Rockfish

Photo: China Rockfish are seen at Redfish Rocks more than at any other of Oregon’s marine reserve sites.

Curious about what makes Redfish Rocks unique among Oregon’s marine reserves? Wonder what types of survey methods we employ to sample subtidal communities? Interested in learning how we use longline gear to supplement our hook-and-line sampling efforts? Then you should check out our new One-Pager to learn about these discoveries and other interesting findings from Redfish Rocks.

We are excited to publish the Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve ‘One-Pager’ this month -- the first of a series, highlighting findings from our ecological monitoring efforts for each individual marine reserve, based on our recent Marine Reserves Program Synthesis Report. The synthesis report was released back in February and is currently available for the public to download. Our One-Pager snapshot summaries focus on the most salient findings from our research activities at each marine reserve. In the coming months we will be publishing additional One-Pagers for each of Oregon’s four remaining reserve sites.

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ODFW researchers doing at-sea fieldwork

Updates on 2022 Fieldwork

We are excited to get back out on the water this year -- spring, sunshine, and research vessel contracts are in the air.

Fieldwork will kick off in late May with the deployment of oceanographic moorings and setting out of standard monitoring unit for the recruitment of fishes (SMURF) moorings for collecting juvenile fish samples. These moorings will remain in the water through September. Fieldwork this summer will focus on collecting juvenile fishes from the SMURFs and on intertidal sea star surveys. Fall fieldwork will include both hook-and-line and remotely operated vehicle (ROV) surveys.

Monitoring activities scheduled at each site this year include:

  • Cape Falcon: Oceanographic moorings gathering data on temperature, salinity, and oxygen.
  • Cascade Head: Hook-and-line surveys, ROV surveys, intertidal sea star surveys, and oceanographic data collection*
  • Otter Rock: SMURF surveys, intertidal sea star surveys, oceanographic data collection
  • Cape Perpetua: Hook-and-line surveys, intertidal sea star surveys*, oceanographic data collection*
  • Redfish Rocks: SMURF surveys, oceanographic data collection*

* Fieldwork led by our collaborators at the Partnership for Interdisciplinary Study of Coastal Oceans (PISCO)

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