Marine Reserves News: 2020 Highlights - Infographic, Top Stories and Videos

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2020 Marine Reserves Program Highlights

2020 Program Highlights Infographic

Top 5 Stories of 2020

C/V Samson and volunteer anglers

In case you missed any, or want to read them again ...

  1. Returning to the Reserves: Lars Robison
    With a profession spanning five decades off of a 15-mile stretch of coastline, this charter boat captain’s sense of place for the Cascade Head Marine Reserve area remains deep and unchanged. Join us as we talk with Lars Robison and explore his knowledge of the reserve, how he came to know these waters, and his continued connections with this place. 
  2. ROV Data Reveal Subtidal Sea Stars’ Status
    We’re diving into past ROV video data to explore changes in the abundance of 11 subtidal sea star species in the Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve. 
  3. Poachers Caught Setting Stolen Crab Pots in Reserve Await Trial
    Two men caught setting stolen crab pots in Cape Falcon Marine Reserve on the north Oregon coast await trial following a joint effort of citizen reporting and solid detective work. 
  4. A Natural Laboratory for Social Science Research
    Oregon’s marine reserves provide a staging ground for studying the human social interactions that surround natural resource issues. Many insights from our ongoing human dimensions research centers on the importance of recognizing how and why different stakeholders interact with and value the ocean in different ways.
  5. Dive Into the ODFW Data Dashboard 
    We’re excited to announce the release of our new ODFW Data Dashboard. The dashboard is a website where you can explore marine reserves monitoring data collected by ODFW over the last 10 years.

Favorite Videos in 2020

Cape Perpetua video

Video: Beneath the Surface of the Cape Perpetua Marine Reserve

Redfish Rocks video

Video: What Makes the Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve Special?

ODFW Data Dashboard Tutorial

Video: Data Dashboard Tutorial: How to Explore Marine Reserves Data

Happy New Year from Our Team

ODFW Marine Reserves Team

Photo: This is what happens when you have to Photoshop a team photo due to a global pandemic. The ODFW Marine Reserves Program staff and fellows.

This year in particular, our team found it cathartic to take a moment to reflect back upon some of the positive moments, instants of humor, and accomplishments we shared together in 2020. We’ll be back in 2021 with more marine reserves data, stories, photos and videos to share. Until then be safe, be well and wishing you a Happy New Year!

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