Marine Reserves News: Returning to the Reserves and STAC meeting

A Deeper Dive

Returning to the Reserves

Author: Vaughn Robison

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People’s experiences with the ocean – the smell of salt, the spray of waves, the rolling storms and the stunning calms -- have a way of creating a sense of connectedness. This feeling remains long after you return to dry land. This is true whether you experience the ocean at the shoreline, floating on its surface or diving far beneath. Most ocean-goers can attest that this connection is more than just the sand a beachcomber never seems to fully shake from their shoes, the phantom swell that a land-sick boat passenger feels standing back on pavement, or the pesky drops of saltwater left inside a swimmer’s ear.

This connection results in a deep, sometimes unfathomable relationship to the ocean. The upcoming series on our Marine Reserves News webpage, Return to the Reserves, shares the stories of coastal residents who forged a relationship with an area in one capacity prior to its designation as a marine reserve, and have since returned to it in another role. Follow along and learn how people first experienced these spaces in one capacity and then returned to them in another, and how these changes have influenced their sense of place and are helping us all learn about and better understand Oregon’s marine reserves.

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STAC Meeting on Friday


The Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) will meet on Friday November 12, 2019 in Newport at the HMSC Library from 1pm - 5pm. The agenda, along with other information, is available on the STAC webpage.

Thanks to All Our Partners, Collaborators & Volunteers


Wishing you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving!  We are genuinely thankful for all of our partners, collaborators and volunteers that help make our program successful. Thank you!

Updates From the Field

Field season has wrapped up for 2019 and the ecological team is shifting focus to data analysis and reporting. The next field season will be begin early Spring 2020. 


ODFW staff presented at the State of the Coast conference in mid-November and will also be at the Land Sea Symposium in Yachats tonight. 

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