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3 Takeaways: Oregonian Perceptions of Marine Reserves

One goal of Oregon’s marine reserves, is to avoid significant adverse impacts on coastal communities and ocean users. It’s been four years since the first reserves went into effect, and new research is examining the ‘pulse’ of Oregonians’ perceptions of the reserves. This research delves into Oregonians’ awareness, attitudes and perceptions about our state’s marine reserves.

As part of the ODFW Marine Reserves Program’s ongoing human dimensions research a new study, Resident Perceptions of the Oregon Marine Reserves System, was conducted by Oregon State University faculty members Dr. Mark Needham and Lori Cramer. This research is a replication of their earlier work conducted among coastal residents back in 2013. But, this time the focus is on the most heavily populated region of Oregon, along the I-5 corridor between Portland and Ashland. Read about 3 takeaways from this work...


The full report is available here

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Reports from the Field


The Marine Reserves team presented at the Western Society of Naturalists Conference this month on habitat associations of nearshore rockfish, the living benthos, and evaluating sizing error in stereo cameras

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Our team published an ODFW informational report this month on biogenic structure and video review. Click here to read the report.


The Marine Reserves team participated in a West Coast wide SCUBA workshop this month. During this meeting we met with other programs to discuss data compatibility and the value of long-term SCUBA monitoring data.

Updates from our Collaborators

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Our collaborators at OSU just published findings on how rockfish siblings travel settle together in the Proceedings of the Nationals Academy of Sciences. These data were collected during our juvenile fish recruitment surveys (SMURFs) at Otter Rock and Redfish Rocks. Click here to read their paper or here to learn more about our SMURF project

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