BCD Newsletter February 2017

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Approximately 1,600 renewal notices were mailed in July 2016 to building inspectors who held an Oregon Inspector Certification (OIC). Of those renewals, about 1,200 were completed successfully by the Nov. 1, 2016 deadline without complication. Based on feedback from inspectors, we wanted to share these helpful "lessons learned" during the renewal cycle.

Understand the renewal cycle.
Licenses and certifications have a renewal cycle. Most vary between one and three years. In this case, the renewal of an OIC – required every three years by Nov. 1 – automatically renews all other Oregon code certifications. Be sure to note the expiration date of each trade license or certification that you hold, and watch for a renewal notice to arrive 60-90 days in advance. Without a valid license/certification, a person cannot legally perform the work covered by that license/certification in Oregon. 

Ensure the state has your correct mailing address.
Approximately 35 individuals failed to renew their OIC/code certifications because their renewal notice either went to an old address or to their employer’s address (and the employer failed to inform them of the renewal deadline). Be sure to keep your contact information current with BCD by submitting an address change as soon as possible.

Complete the required continuing education (CE).
In this situation, many inspectors were required to complete code change training in 2014 prior to renewing their OIC in November 2016. While the majority of inspectors completed these classes, 67 had to take “make up” code change classes in September to qualify to renew their certifications. About 35 individuals paid to renew their OIC by the deadline, but failed to complete the required code change training. Many individuals from both groups were unaware of what classes qualified for CE for Oregon code certifications. Be sure to understand and complete your CE requirement. If helpful, confirm with BCD that you have received credit for completing the required division-approved training.

Read the renewal notice carefully.
A handful of inspectors simply didn’t read the renewal letter when it arrived, or didn’t understand the information, or weren't sure if they wanted to renew and let the deadline pass. If you have questions about renewal deadlines, contact a BCD licensing specialist to get the answers you need to make an informed decision. BCD is working with inspectors who failed to renew their OIC/code certifications by the deadline. In some cases, inspectors are having to retake their OIC training or retest to obtain a specific code certification. 

Inspectors: watch for upcoming code change training to be offered later this year after the completion of five current state code reviews.

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Reviews of five Oregon specialty codes continue

The reviews of Oregon's electrical, plumbing, residential, structural, and mechanical codes are currently in process. Visit each code review webpage to learn more about committee meeting dates, agendas, code proposals, and video links to upcoming live meetings.

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Oregon Treasury looking for businesses for pilot program

The Oregon State Treasury is seeking construction contractors/businesses to join a pilot program this summer that would allow their employees to save for retirement through a state-sponsored plan called OregonSaves. Many businesses cannot afford to offer a retirement savings plan to their employees. OregonSaves allows workers to save part of their paycheck in their own professionally-managed accounts. The employer’s role is limited mostly to providing information and processing payroll deductions for participating employees. Employers have no financial obligations nor make matching contributions. In addition to giving workers a way to save for retirement, the plan can help businesses retain and attract quality employees. Employers in the pilot will get early access to the plan, receive hands-on assistance to get started, and help ensure that the program works smoothly. To learn more, email Joel Metlen, public engagement manager at the Oregon Treasury or call 503-559-4154.

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BCD launches new manufactured home documents system

BCD launched a new online Manufactured Home Ownership Documents System (MHODS) on Feb. 1. MHODS replaced an older electronic system called LOIS. The new system provides an avenue for dealers, escrow companies, security interest holders, homeowners, and others to establish ownership and site information for new manufactured homes, or modify existing records for used homes. MHODS also generates trip permits for transporters to move structures from one location to another. Visit the MHODS website to learn more.

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Check out these upcoming courses in the Inspector Training Program:

Not seeing a course that you are interested in? View all trainings

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Newly adopted rules and laws

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Proposed rules and laws

  • Clarifying certain processes for contested cases – these proposed rules clarify procedural aspects of the contested case hearing process and ensure that licensees provide accurate contact information. They also require cooperation with investigations and allow an enforcement action to be taken against the license of business owners who have been assessed civil penalties, or who have had action taken against their business or other associated businesses. A public hearing is scheduled Feb. 21; the last day to submit written comment is Feb. 24.