Transparency Update May 2022 - Oregon Educational Service Districts (ESDs)

Transparency Update - May 2022

Oregon's (ESDs) Education Service Districts

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Transparency Update Bulletin 

05-2022: Oregon's Education Service Districts (ESDs)

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In this month's Oregon Transparency Update, we will explore Oregon's Education Service District (ESDs) highlights, revenue, expenditure, contract, and salary data.

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ESD Highlights


Oregon Schools


What do ESDs Provide?

Examples include high cost technology systems and services to children with severe disabilities. Services are offered to special needs children, school improvement, technology, and administrative services categories. 



Nineteen (19) ESDs serve 36 Oregon counties.

Each ESD, defined in Oregon law, provides regional services to its component school districts, primarily in areas where the school districts alone, would not be able to adequately and equitably provide services.

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