CCB New Release: Construction Contractors Board and Construction Industry Encourage Oregonians to “Check the License” as Wildfire Rebuild Begins

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Construction Contractors Board and Construction Industry Encourage Oregonians to “Check the License” as Wildfire Rebuild Begins

Working with licensed contractors is one of the best ways for Oregon consumers to protect their most valuable investment and avoid common scams   


Salem, Ore. – The Construction Contractors Board (CCB) and construction industry leaders have a shared message for Oregonians who have had their home or business damaged or destroyed by wildfires: protect your investment – hire licensed contractors.

“It is unfortunately quite common after disasters for consumers to be taken advantage of by unscrupulous individuals,” said Chris Huntington, Administrator of the Construction Contractors Board. “Consumers who do their homework and hire licensed contractors have protections that all Oregon licensed contractors provide.”

Oregon licensed contractors provide financial protections to Oregon consumers. Licensed contractors carry a bond and insurance, which protect the consumer if things go wrong during construction. Working with licensed contractors also provides homeowners with access to CCB’s dispute resolution service if a conflict arises, potentially avoiding lengthy and expensive court proceedings.

“On behalf of over 2,500 home builder members,” said Mark Long, CEO of the Oregon Home Builders Association, “Oregon Home Builders Association wants to remind consumers to collect references and written contracts from the start of a repair project, and avoid contractors who ask for cash up front.”

Licensed construction firms are an important part of Oregon’s economy and our Oregon communities. Oregon has approximately 41,000 licensed construction firms that have made an investment in their industry and in their communities by playing by the rules.

“AGC applauds the CCB for taking steps to protect the interests of Oregonians recovering from these wildfires as they begin the process of rebuilding their homes, businesses, and lives. We will work with the CCB to ensure state law is fully enforced, and Oregonians understand the benefit of using licensed contractors,” stated Mike Salsgiver, Executive Director of AGC, Oregon Columbia Chapter.

Licensed contractors also have a license history that consumers can easily check on the CCB’s website. This allows the consumer to know how long the firm has been in business and whether there is any history of complaints. Unlicensed firms found through online listing sites may not provide consumers with any verifiable history.

In addition to checking for a valid license, consumers can avoid common construction scams by simply being aware. Consumers should be wary of demands for large up-front payments, demands for cash-only payments and contractors who use high-pressure tactics, door-to-door or over the phone.

How Do You Check a License?

To verify licenses:

  • Visit
  • Enter the license number in the box, then hit the “search” button.
  • Select the “choose” button beside the proper license.
  • Verify that the license is “active,” and that the name and other information on the license matches the contractor you are considering.
  • Call 503-378-4621 for help searching or understanding the results.

Contractors and consumers can report unlicensed contractors and other illegal activity on the CCB’s website or by calling 503-934-2246.



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