Intent to Drill Applications for Non-Domestic Wells

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Dear Well Drilling and Pump Installation Contractors:

We are writing to announce the launch of the intent to drill application process. On November 1, 2022, the legislation went into effect that any person who intends to drill a groundwater well for non-domestic use* must, prior to drilling, apply for authorization and receive approval from the Oklahoma Water Resources Board. Authorization to drill will not be issued for any well location that does not have an active groundwater right.

For further information on groundwater use permitting, please see:

The intent to drill application must be filed by the drilling contractor electronically. Although the form can be filled out using a web browser, we recommend using the Survey123 app on a mobile device. Survey123 has the capability to use your phone’s GPS to tag the intended well location.

Board staff will respond to applications in 1-5 business days.

Survey123 for Android (

Survey123 for iPhone (

Here is a link to the intent to drill application form: (Notice of Intent to Drill a Grounwater Well)

The application fee is $250 and must be paid electronically at the time of filing.

Contractors will also need an authorization PIN to file applications. Please contact Charles O’Malley or Jacob Hernandez at (405) 530-8800 for an authorization PIN, or if you have any questions about the intent to drill application process.

Please note that failure to submit an intent to drill application when required may result in a penalty of up to $5,000.00 per day for each violation.

• Intent to drill authorizations are required for groundwater wells used for beneficial uses such as public water supply, industrial use, medical marijuana grow operations, poultry operations, irrigation of more than 3 acres, oil and gas recovery, and any other commercial use.

• Intent to drill authorizations are not required for domestic groundwater wells used for household purposes, livestock (up to the land’s grazing capacity), and irrigation of less than 3 acres.

* For complete definitions and intent to drill requirements see OAC 785:30-1-1 and OAC 785:35-13-1.