April Newsletter

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Oklahoma City Public Schools Receive TSET Healthy Schools Incentive Grant


The Oklahoma City Public School District was presented with a $50,000 check in March as part of the Healthy School District Incentive Grant program through TSET. Serving approximately 45,000 students, Oklahoma City Public Schools is the largest school district to receive a Healthy Schools Incentive Grant.

To receive the incentive grant, the Oklahoma City Public School District achieved Certified Healthy status and implemented strategies to promote health and wellness for students and staff.

TSET Research Scholar's work could aid in breast cancer detection, treatment

Bin Zheng

Bin Zheng, Ph.D., a TSET Research Scholar at the Stephenson Cancer Center and his research team have generated a cancer detection model create an image analysis method to aid in the prediction of breast cancer risk or prognosis. This discovery will ultimately establish more personalized cancer screening and treatment strategies.

The model will help the medical community improve cancer screening efforts by focusing on women with the greatest risk for developing breast cancer in the near-term and reducing the number of women harmed from false-positive results.

Click here for a full story on Bin Zheng’s research.

That's a wrap! TSET Day at the Capitol brought grantees from all over the state


Thank you to all who attended this year's TSET Day at the Capitol event.

TSET Day at the Capitol provides the opportunity for various grantees to showcase how their TSET grant-funded work is helping improve health in Oklahoma. The day also included two screenings of the TSET history documentary, “Oklahoma TSET: Keeping the Promise for Health.”

Check out photos and read more about TSET Day at the Capitol.

Communities of Excellence in Tobacco Control: Changes in Local Policy and Key Outcomes

Communities with a TSET-supported Communities of Excellence grants had high rates of awareness of the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline, quit attempts and passed voluntary policies to support tobacco-free environments, according to a newly published article in a supplement of the American Journal of Preventative Medicine.

In order to effectively counter pro-tobacco influences, local communities must be involved in changing the way in which tobacco is sold, promoted and used in addition to knowledge and attitude of tobacco users and nonusers.

In the 50 counties and one tribal nation covered by a TSET Communities of Excellence grant, 831 policies were implemented in between 2003 and 2013 and statistically significant increases of quit attempts, awareness of the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline and homeowners banning smoking in their homes were observed in CX counties, compared to non-CX counties, according to the article.

By using community-based best practices in tobacco control, as well as focusing on social norm change, counties with a Community of Excellence grant made significant strides in helping to improve Oklahoma’s health.

Noble SWAT group receives national recognition

Noble SWAT

Noble SWAT was selected as a finalist for the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids 2015 Youth Advocate of the Year Award. The group was nominated for their role in advocacy events, leadership in their community, and efforts to support tobacco free policies. The Noble SWAT group worked on the passage of two policies, include a 24/7 tobacco free policy at their school that eliminated e-cigarettes and vapors from their public school system, sidewalks, and city parks. Congratulations to Noble SWAT on this accomplishment.


The recent unveiling of a new – actionable – state plan to improve health will help ensure that Oklahomans of this generation and future generations will have healthier, happier, and longer productive lives. OHIP 20/20 lays out bold steps for each of us to take to help address Oklahoma’s most pressing health needs and create a culture of health.

Just five years ago, our state’s leaders worried poor health was limiting Oklahoma’s ability to compete and thrive in a global economy. Lawmakers charged the State Board of Health with developing a state plan, the Oklahoma Health Improvement Plan. The State Board of Health worked with community members, stakeholders and state and local opinion leaders from across the state to create the plan which focused on three flagship issues: tobacco use, obesity and child health. OHIP 20/20 adds a fourth flagship workgroup on behavioral health. Making improvements in these flagship issues will have the greatest impact on the health of Oklahomans now and for future generations.

TSET has been active partner in working on the OHIP plan and helping to achieve those health benchmarks. As the co-chair of the OHIP workgroup on reducing tobacco use, I’m proud to report that our collective efforts have delivered results. Smoking among youth and adults has declined and we can see evidence of changing social norms about tobacco use throughout the state.

For example, Oklahoma City joins other cities in boasting smokefree airports, our elected officials can welcome their constituents to the State Capitol that no longer has a smoking room, and the owner of the iconic Cattlemen’s restaurant in OKC’s Stockyard City closed its smoking room because customers no longer requested it. These and so many other examples illustrate the power of prevention – creating opportunities for Oklahomans to make the healthy choice, because it is in the easy choice, throughout our day where we live, work, learn, and play.

Making a plan is one thing. Acting on plans and dedicating time and resources to those efforts demonstrates commitment. OHIP workgroup goals are measurable and the participants -- from a variety of sectors – are part of a team executing a game plan for a healthier Oklahoma.

OHIP 20/20 keeps the progress of the past five years in mind and challenges each of us to work together to move the needle and create the healthy Oklahoma our children, and the children of future generations, deserve.

How can you help? Spread the word about Certified Healthy Oklahoma program and encourage others to participate, make a commitment to support smokefree establishments, choose and provide healthy food options with a focus on increasing vegetables and fruits, create opportunities to add extra steps in the day, and make an effort to really connect with and support the people in our lives.

Imagine the transformative power of all of us taking these individual actions. Then imagine what could happen if we added to that the power of businesses, schools, community organizations, health care, agriculture, faith organizations, education, transportation, tribal nations and others created a learning community to create a culture of health. And that is the promise of OHIP 20/20!



The Oklahoma Tobacco Research Center will host a research symposium with presentations based on articles from the recent Oklahoma supplement of the American Journal of Preventative Medicine.

Learn more about "Best Practices, Research, and Relationships: Oklahoma’s Investment in Tobacco Control Research" symposium, May 12, at the Samis Education Center, Oklahoma City.

Click here for more information.

Shape your Future supports local events to promote active living


Shape Your Future booth at Open Streets OKC on March 22

Shape Your Future supported two recent events to promote physical activity. Maybe you saw us at the Open Streets OKC event in downtown Oklahoma City in March, or at the Baile Dance Competition at Plaza Mayor.

More the 500 people created videos for the Shape Your Future KD MVP challenge, which just ended. Shape Your Future also partnered with Homeland to offer fresh fruit to visitors at Open Streets OKC.

At Baile, kids of all ages participated in the challenges while parents received information on making healthy choices for their families.

Thanks to all those who entered the Shape Your Future Kevin Durant MVP Challenge and visited with our volunteers to learn about making the healthy choice, the easy choice where we live, work, learn and play.

TSET receives top honors at 2015 Addy Awards

TSET was honored to receive five District Addy Awards competing with entries from Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma with TSET’s history documentary, “Oklahoma TSET: Keeping the Promise for Health” receiving Gold and a Silver. Entries came from the 18 Addy Awards received at the Oklahoma City competition in February, including Best of Show for the Shape Your Future Healthy Habits campaign.

The Shape Your Future campaign, a partnership between TSET and the Oklahoma State Department of Health, features animated fruit and vegetable characters interacting with human characters promoting a healthy lifestyle.

This year was a record-breaking year for the Oklahoma City Ad Club Addy awards. Over 1,017 entries were received and more than 675 people attended the awards gala.

Click here for the full list of awards.