Big Tobacco Targets our Military — It’s Time to Call Them Out

Tobacco Stops With Me

Shawn’s Story Our military fights for freedom… but Big Tobacco fights to keep them addicted — for life.

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Take a Stand Your voice is the most powerful weapon against Big Tobacco. Show your support with a Get Involved sticker.

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“Big Tobacco Targets” Series Big Tobacco preys on the LGBTQ community, the military, women, our youth… and we’re calling them out in a new gripping video series.

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Once Again, JUUL Missed the Mark JUUL’s product packs a powerful nicotine punch. It’s more potent and less harsh than other e-cigarettes. Engineers devised a kill switch to limit the dose, but it was never added to the device.

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A Word from TSET Executive Director Julie Bisbee Workplace tobacco-free policies save lives. Learn how to encourage your coworkers and loved ones to take steps to break nicotine addiction.

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