What Does the FDA Announcement Mean For E-Cigarettes?

Tobacco Stops With Me

“That’s Not OK.” Tobacco Stops With Me launched the Not OK educational messaging to cut Oklahoma’s adult smoking rate in half in the next decade. Tobacco is costing Oklahoma billions in healthcare costs and, more importantly, thousands of Oklahoma lives each year. That’s not OK.


FDA Announces Plans to Halt Youth Tobacco Increase. The FDA recently unveiled a “new policy framework” to address the devastating effects of flavored tobacco on America’s youth. In the announcement, the FDA declared they will be addressing flavored tobacco, age-restricted purchase points and more.


JUUL Tries to Avoid FDA Sanctions. The New York Times reports JUUL Labs is suspending in-store sales of flavored pods except “mint, menthol and tobacco” following the FDA’s threats of an e-cigarette ban. However, some say it’s too little, too late.