Help Oklahoma take control of tobacco.

Tobacco Stops With Me

TOBACCO INDUSTRY FOUND GUILTY For decades, Big Tobacco lied to the public about the dangers of their products. Now they have to admit the truth. A U.S. District Court ruling requires the tobacco industry to publish corrective statements in the national media and on their product packaging.


TOBACCO CONTROL POLICIES When it comes to passing smokefree policies, Oklahoma has some catching up to do. Many surrounding states are protecting their citizens by making public places smokefree, including clubs, bars and cars when children are present. Oklahoma could do the same, with your support.


BE A TOBACCO-FREE SUPPORTER Want to help Oklahoma take healthy steps forward? It’s more possible than you think. By adding your voice, you are joining with other Oklahomans ready to improve health in the state. Learn what steps you can take to help reduce tobacco use in Oklahoma — one person at a time.