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March Newsletter

March 15, 2018

Join the Movement: National Public Health Week

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National Public Health Week, April 2 through April 6, provides an opportunity to celebrate the power of prevention and public health initiatives.

TSET is partnering with groups and organizations to address the most pressing public health issues and creating healthier places for all Oklahomans to live, work, learn and play. TSET is the state’s largest funder of prevention using proven grants and programs to improve the health of Oklahomans.

Because of TSET, smoking rates have dropped 10 times faster than states with similar cigarette taxes and clean air laws – that means there are 127,000 fewer smokers in Oklahoma and 42,000 lives have been saved in our state, according to an analysis by researchers at the University of Wisconsin and the University of Oklahoma.

TSET grants to state agencies and partner organizations, improve the health of Oklahoma's citizens by infusing policies and practices that help Oklahomans eat better, move more and be tobacco free. TSET also funds research grants, including a grant to the Stephenson Cancer Center which supports cancer treatment and research.

Be sure to follow and share TSET social media during National Public Health Week to learn more about how TSET policies and strategies are making a difference and improving the health of all Oklahomans. 

Local efforts highlight tobacco industry effort to target African Americans, corrective statements

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As part of ongoing efforts to educate about the court-ordered corrective statements required of the tobacco industry, Guiding Right Inc. brought attention to the high rate of menthol cigarette use among African Americans in a recent column in the Tulsa World by Theodore H. Noel II, the executive director the statewide organization. 

Menthol cigarettes are less harsh and marketed as a smoother alternative to non-flavored cigarettes. Menthol cigarettes are associated with increased experimentation and addiction — especially among teens – and tobacco companies have also specifically targeted the African American community with menthol advertising and promotions for decades.

A 2007 study found that majority-black neighborhoods had 2.6 times as many cigarette ads per capita as other neighborhoods, and tobacco-use rates among African-Americans remain high. 

After more than 12 years of fighting the publication of the corrective statements, a federal court in 2017 ruled the tobacco industry had engaged in racketeering ordered cigarette manufacturer to publish corrective statements about the industry’s coordinated effort to mislead the public about the harms of tobacco use, the addictiveness of smoking and nicotine, lack of significant health benefits light or low tar cigarettes, efforts to manipulate cigarette design to increase addiction and the dangers of secondhand smoke. The final print ad ran in March. Television ads will continue in 2018. 

Shape Your Future provides simple, healthy and quick hacks for busy parents

SYF Busy Parents

Shape Your Future, a program of TSET, is excited to announce resources to help Oklahoma parents save time and money while staying healthy. It takes a lot of effort to balance family, work, activities, and of course, providing healthy meals for your family. Shape Your Future will highlight several quick hacks that will make life easier and healthier for families. Some examples include: Make one/freeze one recipes, how to meal prep breakfast the night before, and tips for staying active on-the-go. These are just a few of the many simple hacks that will be featured in the upcoming months. Shape Your Future is dedicated to making the healthy choice the easy choice — with bite-sized tips, healthy recipes, simple changes and more.

To find inspiration for busy families, visit ShapeYourFutureOK.com.