Whoops! Links corrected: Did you get played by Big Tobacco?

Tobacco Stops With Me

BIG TOBACCO LIED For decades, Big Tobacco lied to the public about the dangers of their products. As of November 26, a U.S. District Court is ordering them to tell the truth. The ruling requires the tobacco industry to publish corrective statements in the national media and on their product packaging.


OKLAHOMA TOBACCO POLICIES QUIZ Many nearby states are implementing stronger tobacco policies for protection against the dangers of secondhand smoke. How does Oklahoma stack up? Take the quiz to see how much you know about our own tobacco policies.


TALK TO YOUR KIDS What you say and do has a huge influence on your child’s behavior. That’s why it’s essential to talk to them about the dangers of tobacco early and often. Through your guidance, you can protect them and help stop tobacco use before it starts. Click below for age-specific tips on how to get the conversation started.


OKLAHOMA TOBACCO HELPLINE Do you have a friend or loved one who uses tobacco and is thinking about quitting? Outside support is a key factor in their quitting journey. The Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline offers FREE services as well as tips and resources to help you support the quitter in your life.