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TSET Newsletter

July 19, 2016

Shape Your Future Encourages Oklahomans to Rethink Your Drink

RYD Launch

Shape Your Future, a program of TSET in partnership with the Oklahoma State Department of Health, has launched a new effort to encourage Oklahomans to “Rethink Your Drink."

Rethink Your Drink educates on the importance of choosing water over sugary drinks.

The Shape Your Future Rethink Your Drink messaging aims to reduce high obesity rates through increasing awareness of the amounts of sugar in sweetened beverages, and highlighting the benefits of drinking water.


Sugar-sweetened beverages are by far the biggest source of added sugar in the average American’s diet, accounting for more than one-third of the added sugar consumed. A typical 12-ounce soda contains 10 teaspoons of sugar-or about 10 sugar packets-amounting to 160 calories.

The Shape Your Future health communication intervention supports TSET’s strategic map to reduce the leading causes of death in Oklahoma – cancer and cardiovascular disease. Consumption of sugar-sweeted beverages has been associated with obesity and type II diabetes -- risk factors associated with cancer and cardiovascular disease.

By using evidence-based practices like health communication interventions, Shape Your Future Rethink Your Drink messaging will bring to light these not-so-sweet facts about sugary drinks to help Oklahomans shape a healthier future.

Click here to learn how much water you should be drinking in a day and to learn more about the Rethink Your Drink message, click here.

Healthy Schools Incentive Grant Information Given at Summer Conferences

June Conferences

This summer, information on TSET's Healthy Schools Incentive Grants is being shared at conferences to educate on programs that improve the quality of life for children.

The Tulsa Healthy Living Program hosted the 3rd annual Fit 2 Learn summit to empower attendees with knowledge to improve their school’s overall health and wellness. The Summit featured Dr. Jeremy Lyon, superintendent of the Frisco Independent School District. His speech focused on the five practices that promote staff and student wellness within a school  and the relationship between school leadership and Whole School, Whole Community and Whole Child Model. Breakout sessions featured topics such as Smart Snacks, healthy fundraisers, and ways to increase physical activity throughout the day.

At the Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administration summer Conference, Dr. Ruby Payne presented on “A Framework for Understanding Poverty” as the keynote address. The conference featured a number of breakout sessions, including how to use Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance (YRBS) data results to improve school health and practices. The survey features information on the health risk behaviors of youth at the local, state and national level and can be used to monitor effectiveness of efforts to improve health.


The 2015 numbers were released in June, check them out here

Program Spotlight: TSET Healthy Living Program Creates Opportunities for Healthy Choices

HLP Logo

The TSET Healthy Living Program is made up of 50 grantees working in 63 counties to prevent and reduce tobacco use and obesity, the primary causes of Oklahoma’s top killers – cancer and cardiovascular disease.


Using a comprehensive approach, grantees work with businesses, city governments, community organizations and schools to create sustainable healthy changes where Oklahomans live, work, learn and play.


TSET sought applicants for the community-based grants through a competitive process in FY2015, and the grant program began in FY2016. Some of the grant outcomes include tobacco-free policies, improved nutrition policies, increased availability of fresh fruits and vegetables, support for local farmers’ markets, zoning policies, and urban design that promotes walking, biking or other active transportation.


To learn more about a TSET Healthy Living Grant program in your area or to join in their efforts, check out our website

Notice of Change to TSET Grants Management Department

Tessa North, grants manager for data and reporting, has been named team lead for the TSET Grants Management Department. North will be the contact for general TSET funding solicitations and information about TSET’s grant categories.

Tessa and Grants Manager Jane Ziegler will work together to manage day-to-day operations in the department, which includes approving budgets, processing invoices, and managing compliance policies and procedures for all TSET Healthy Living grantees. The position of Director of Grants Management remains vacant at this time. 

For general questions about OKGrants, TSET’s online grants management portal, please email Jane at janez@tset.ok.gov or at 405-521-3898. Contact Tessa at tessan@tset.ok.gov or 405-521-3892. 

New SNAP Incentive Program, Double Up Oklahoma, Stretches Food Dollars at Participating Farmers Markets

Farmers Market

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently awarded a Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive (FINI) grant to the Community Service Council of Greater Tulsa (CSC) to increase fruit and vegetable consumption through the Double Up Oklahoma (DUO) program. The DUO program will provide Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients the opportunity to stretch their food dollars by matching up to $20 of SNAP benefits per day when spent on fresh Oklahoma-grown produce at participating farmers markets. 


This double-up on the dollar program provides a financial incentive for Oklahoma families that receive SNAP benefits to increase their fresh fruit and vegetable consumption. The program also enables Oklahomans to improve their nutrition with more of the fresh produce found at their local farmers markets.


The Okmulgee County Health Department, a TSET Healthy Living Program grantee, assisted in making the Okmulgee Farmers Market one of the nine participating farmers markets in the DUO program. This extra incentive to purchase fresh produce has the potential to impact nearly a third of all households in Okmulgee.


To find recipe ideas incorporating your new farmer's market produce, visit the healthy recipe section of ShapeYourFutureOK.com

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