FY 2023 Midyear Adjustment

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Office of State Aid

Dear Superintendent,

The FY 2023 Midyear State Aid Allocation (12/20/22) has been posted on the State Department of Education's Single Sign-On (SSO) application under Allocation Notices.

  • FY 2023 Midyear State Aid Formula Allocation            $3,848.50
    • Foundation Aid Factor of $1,971.90
    • Salary Incentive Factor of $93.83
  • FY 2023 Initial Adjust. State Aid Formula Allocation     $3,797.74 (Increase of $50.76)
  • FY 2022 Midyear/Final State Aid Formula Allocation    $3,621.01 (Increase of $227.49)

OSDE retained two percent (2%)  instead of the minimum of one and a half percent (1.5%) of the appropriation for the midyear allocation, which positively impacted the FY 2023 Midyear factor. The FY 2023 Midyear high year weighted average daily membership (WADM) is 1,159,520.92, an increase of 21,439 in total state weights when compared to the initial adjusted WADM. The high year WADM is built from the full year FY 2022 or the first nine weeks of FY 2023 in calculating the appropriate funding for the State Aid formula midyear adjustment. 

This Midyear adjustment (12/20/22) is without the penalties and increasing the Lindsay Nicole Henry Scholarship to $11.2 million (increase of $1,650,000) pursuant to 70 O.S., Section 13-101.2.  There will be another adjustment to assess the penalties before the January payment effective on January 12, 2023.

Other items to consider for the FY 2023 Midyear adjustment:

  • The State Total Adjusted Valuation used in the formula increased $94 million,
  • The County 4-Mill chargeable increased by $1.4 million,
  • All other State Dedicated chargeables remained the same.

The supporting documentation (reports) have been posted on the State Aid webpage and your January payment will be based off of the most recent allocation adjustment.

Should you have any questions regarding these allocation adjustments or supporting documentation, please contact the State Aid Section at state.aid@sde.ok.gov or 405.521.3460.