NEW: Time-Sensitive Correction of SY 2020 Graduation Data Begins Monday

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NEW: Time-Sensitive Correction of SY 2020 Graduation Data Begins Monday 

In previous years, the OSDE has provided schools with numerous opportunities to review and request adjustment of student-level graduation data through a variety of reports (e.g., Comprehensive Exit Report, Historical Adjusted Graduation Cohort Report).  In an effort to minimize the number of graduation-related reports necessary for schools to annually complete, the OSDE has been able to automate graduation validation and calculations by using student enrollment records previously collected by The Wave.  This new, streamlined reporting process has eliminated the need for additional graduation reports.  However, this change in processes has resulted in students having blank (or NULL) exit codes as presently displayed in the SY 2020 Enrollment Graduation table (in the Accountability Reporting application). 

The Wave collects data specific to the current school year, meaning any changes made to SY 2020 data after The Wave “rolled over” will not display in OSDE records.  Recognizing thisthe Office of Accountability is opening a new, one-time process to remedy these exit codes: the EZ Grad Entry window.  This EZ Grad Entry window will allow sites to: 

  • Review SY 2020 enrollment graduation records with no exit code; 
  • Update the exit date and code using the new EZ Entry feature; and 
  • Confirm updates have been made to the Enrollment Graduation table after 24 hours.  

Records that are NOT updated during this EZ Grad Entry window will require creating a Data Verification Request (DVR) AND uploading supporting documentation for each individual student during a later data reporting window.   

To support schools during this one-time EZ Grad Entry window, the Office of Accountability has created a concise, step-by-step document: the SY 2020 EZ Grad Entry Toolkit. During this window, school and districts users will be able to update the exit code and exit date for each student that presently displays blank values.  We will update these records in advance of the 2020 Graduation Audit Window, at which time you will be able to provide appropriate written documentation for students marked as having an enrollment conflict—that is, an exit code that corresponds to the student having transferred, emigrated, or passed away.  The EZ Grad Entry window will open Monday, March 29 and will remain open until April 19. 

Thank you for your prompt attention to reconciling these student data records prior to the 2020 Graduation Audit Window, which will open later in April.  Please email us at should you have any questions.