Happy National School Counselor Week!

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February 2020

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Happy National School Counselor Week


National School Counseling Week 2020 (#NSCW2020) is Feb. 3–7, 2020.  The week, sponsored by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA), highlights the unique contribution of school counselors within U.S. school systems and the tremendous impact they can have on helping students achieve school success, mental wellness and plan for a career. Take a moment to congratulate your fellow school counselor(s) on the amazingly hard and rewarding work they do every day. 

In honor of National School Counselor Week, we reached out to administrators across the state to nominate school counselors in their districts who are doing amazing things. We are proud to feature the administrator comments regarding the work of these counselors in this newsletter.

To learn more about National School Counseling Week, visit www.schoolcounselor.org/nscw!

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Counselor Spotlight

Gina McCarty

Oakdale School

Mrs. McCarty puts her heart and soul into our students in pre-k through 8th grade.  That's a wide age group and she works very diligently to make sure that all of the children at our school have what they need to succeed.  Our students could not have a more devoted counselor and she deserves to be recognized.

Angie Munholland

Healdton Public Schools

Angie is the PK-12 grade counselor in Healdton, OK.  Not only does she serve as our counselor, she is also the GT coordinator, district test coordinator, National Honor Society sponsor and senior class sponsor. Angie is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has been a school counselor at Healdton for 10+ years.  Angie never turns down additional duties when called upon and teaches a class one hour a day. I cannot think of a more deserving individual for this spotlight.

Brandy White

Stilwell Middle School, Stilwell Public Schools

Brandy is an excellent school counselor. Our students open up to her and respect her opinion. She has a good rapport with both the students and staff. Brandy has an associate’s degree from Connors State College in Business Administration. She earned her Bachelors Degree from Northeastern State University along with her Masters Degree of Education as a Reading Specialist. Brandy earned her Masters of School Counseling from Southwestern State University and is currently pursuing a Masters of Community Counseling, which will allow her to be an LPC. She is very involved in the education of the youth in our community.

Holly Thompson

Sand Springs 6th Grade Center, Sand Springs Public Schools

Holly is amazing. She works diligently to build a relationship with all of the 6th grade students, stays in contact with families, emails families on a regular basis to keep them informed, facilitates lunch time groups and goes the extra mile to help 6th grade students transition to middle school.  It is impressive. Students, staff and parents trust and rely on her. She also works with teachers to help them relate to 6th grade students and has made helping our 6th grade students transition to middle school her mission. 

Joni Henson

Stigler Middle School, Stigler Public Schools

Joni LOVES kids and is fantastic with them. She goes above and beyond to help all students but spends a lot of her time one on one with students who need extra help. She makes sure they have clothes and shoes if they don't have them. If there is a school dance and they have no clothes to wear, she somehow comes up with something for them to wear. She is not above begging if she thinks one of them needs something. Joni treats each one with respect and they know she truly loves them.

She does all of this and continues to complete other duties. Today’s counselors do much more than just visit with kids. Joni is AWESOME and deserves to be recognized.

Mary Teel

Stigler Elementary, Stigler Public Schools

Mary is an exceptional counselor.  She takes care of all of her duties plus so much more that she takes upon herself.  Mary is selfless and always looks out first for students and then our staff. She goes above and beyond in all areas.  Last March, Mary received a difficult diagnosis. She continues to work despite her compromised immune system and weakness.  Mary has stated that caring for kids and staff are her life and she does not plan to give that up until she can no longer perform her duties.  She's my right arm as I do not have an Assistant Principal. She's the epitome of what a counselor should be and the selflessness that goes with that.  She's our building test coordinator, special education coordinator and any other title we need her to be. We are all praying that Mrs. Teel has many more years to be with us at Stigler Grade School, but I don't want to miss this opportunity to recognize her now.  

Angela Brough

Alexander Elementary, Commerce Public Schools

With 21 years of teaching and counseling experience, Mrs. Angela Brough is a seasoned professional with many strong attributes. She is a self-motivated, dependable person who is always finding ways to make our school better. Our students, parents and staff feel very comfortable visiting with Mrs. Brough and know she is someone they can come to for assistance. Our students absolutely love Mrs. Brough.  Regardless of the task, Mrs. Brough is very thorough and detailed when it comes to the completion of projects or assignments. She manages many different responsibilities and is able to do them all very well.   

Mrs. Brough comes from a background that includes being known as an exceptional classroom teacher.  During her 10 years of classroom teaching experience at CPS she did an outstanding job even receiving the honor as our Teacher of the Year.  Mrs. Brough is able to continue to model outstanding teaching in all classrooms through her regular scheduled class guidance lessons and other activities she manages.  She has also been used to help mentor other teachers to help them improve in the area of classroom instruction and management. Due to our district not being able to fill the counseling position at our high school, Mrs. Brough is currently helping at multiple campuses to assist our entire district.   

In addition, we appreciate her efforts to create and receive recent BOE approval for a new district-wide Suicide Prevention Policy. This policy provides our staff including teachers, counselors and administrators with a step-by-step process when handling potential threats of student self-harm.  Her hard work, dedication and expertise is a valuable contribution to our school.    

Nicole Gray

Curtis Inge Middle School, Noble Public Schools

Nicole Gray is a vital asset to the CIMS team.  Last year, her role shifted from a more traditional, academic counselor to a crisis counselor position.  Nicole took on this new role with dedication, integrity and conviction. She has developed procedures and protocols for our most at-risk students and devotes many hours to individual and group counseling. Mrs. Gray fosters caring and trusting relationships with students and provides them with a space to feel safe.  She works closely with families and partners within our community to gather resources for students. She has created a crisis response protocol and developed a crisis response team.  Currently, she is developing professional development to educate teachers on how to approach and communicate with at-risk students, recognize signs that a student may be as-risk and be more trauma-informed.