OSDE - SES Tuesday December 11, 2018

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Special Education Services

REMINDER: Excess Cost and Special Education Maintenance of Effort

Districts should review their Excess Cost and Special Education Maintenance of Effort reports through the Oklahoma Cost Accounting System for any needed corrections prior to December 15. Districts will not be allowed to make corrections after December 15. Any district not meeting Excess Cost or Special Education Maintenance of Effort could be required to return funds. Contact your Oklahoma Cost Accounting or Special Education Specialist for assistance.

DLM Instructionally Embedded Assessments

DLM instructionally embedded (IE) assessments are computer-delivered alternate assessments that are intended to be integrated with classroom instruction throughout the year. IE assessments are testlets very much like those used for summative DLM assessments. IE assessments provide flexibility in the selection and delivery of testlets so that educators can customize the assessment experience for each student. Teachers can use results from IE assessments to inform instructional decisions. Please see this flyer for more information

Click here for flyer

School Based Medicaid

School Based Medicaid Services Participation Agreement is now available through the Grants Management System. All districts choosing to use this agreement may begin completing their online application. Follow these steps for application completion.

1. Go to “GMS Access / Select” and scroll to available applications under IDEA.
2. Click “Create” on the line for “School Based Health Part”. Once you have created the application it will appear under your applications.
3. Please agree to all assurances, upload the signature page, and submit.

Note: On the signature page please make sure you include a signature, printed name, printed title, and date of board approval