OSDE - SES Tuesday December 8, 2018

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Special Education Services

LEA Directors Webinar

Registration for Upcoming LEA Directors Webinar 

  • Date: Wednesday, December 5, 2018
  • Time: 3:30 - 4:30
  • Topic: Fiscal/Budget Procedures
  • Register Here

Non-Traditional Route to Special Education Certification (Boot Camp)


The State Board of Education will issue a one-year provisional certificate to teach in the area of mild-moderate or severe-profound disabilities grades PK-12. The teacher may renew the certificate two more times if the individual has completed at least six credit hours in a non-traditional route to certification program or toward a master’s degree in special education.

OSDE Boot Camp Candidates

Note: Once you have a Boot Camp Letter of Completion, complete the Provisional Certificate Application to receive your Provisional Certificate.

Contact Information:
Teacher Certification: (405)521-3337
Special Education: (405)521-3351 Jacque Cullen
Email: SpecEdBootCamp@sde.ok.gov

This process is designed for candidates who meet the following criteria:

  • Have earned any four-year degree from an Institution of Higher Education holding Regional Accreditation
  • Have a Grade Point Average of 2.75 or higher from a previous degree program
  • Have a recommendation from a representative at a school district or Institution of Higher Education
  • Pass a National Background Check
  • Commit to complete a Master’s Degree or Certification in Special Education

OSDE Boot Camp Dates
     2018-19 Sessions:

  • January 19- March 23,2019- Oklahoma State Department of Education Application Deadline: December 20, 2018
  • January 13- March 16, 2019- Tulsa Area Application Deadline: December 15, 2018
  • February 1-May 4, 2019- Norman Public Schools (Norman area only) Application Deadline: January 10, 2019
  • April 6-June 8, 2019- Oklahoma State Department of Education Applications: Closed at this time



What is I-SMART?

Oklahoma is a collaborator in Science Map, Assessment, and Reporting Technologies (I-SMART), a research and development grant funded by USED. I-SMART is housed at the University of Kansas and is a sister project to the DLM alternate assessment. I-SMART will pilot new science testlets from January 22 - March 1, 2019. The pilot is a great opportunity for students to gain exposure to high-quality, formative science assessments and for educators to see how their students are doing.


If interested please see the informational flyer as well as a letter that describes the project and its benefits to students below. A user guide describing how to participate, an introductory video, parent notification letter, and other participation materials are available at http://ismart.works/pilot


School Based Medicaid

School Based Medicaid Services Participation Agreement is now available through the Grants Management System. All districts choosing to use this agreement may begin completing their online application. Follow these steps for application completion.

1. Go to “GMS Access / Select” and scroll to available applications under IDEA.
2. Click “Create” on the line for “School Based Health Part”. Once you have created the application it will appear under your applications.
3. Please agree to all assurances, upload the signature page, and submit.

Note: On the signature page please make sure you include a signature, printed name, printed title, and date of board approval