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April 9, 2015

Committee approves phasing strategy for Capitol restoration

Multiple phases to be used during interior restoration

OKLAHOMA CITY The State Capitol Repair Expenditure Oversight Committee on Thursday approved a phasing strategy for work to repair and restore the interior of the Capitol building. 

The strategy calls for interior work to be done in multiple phases so the building can remain open throughout construction and legislative sessions can be held with minimal interruptions.

Manhattan Construction, the contractor hired to repair and restore the interior of the Capitol, recommended the strategy as the best option.

"While totally vacating the building would make construction easier, the reality is it just isn't practical to shut down the Capitol for such an extended period of time," said Trait Thompson, state Capitol project manager for the Office of Management and Enterprise Services. "There will be disruptions, but we believe they will be minimized by the expertise Manhattan has working around the operations of buildings like this, including the U.S. Capitol."

Other phasing options were to do work in two phases, which would require vacating half of the building at a time, or one phase, which would require vacating the entire building. The committee received a cost benefit analysis of each option that showed the multiple phase approach to be the most cost effective due to the considerable tenant relocation expenses that would be necessary under the other options.

The phasing strategy, which is one of the nine-member committee's responsibilities under legislation enacted last year by the Legislature and Gov. Mary Fallin, will help project planners determine the best approaches for interior restoration work. It is a broad strategy, not a construction timeline; a construction timeline will be determined later.

Planning for the interior restoration is underway and construction begins next year.

Exterior restoration, which is being managed through a separate process, begins this year with trial repairs in the spring and summer.

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