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Early Payment Discount Project Update

The configuration of PeopleSoft to handle early payment discounts is ongoing.  While there will be an established go-live date at which time discounts will be calculated by PeopleSoft, agencies should be using the new contract language immediately.  The new language is in the solicitation package (A.18) on the Central Purchasing website, and states that payment will be at 45 days unless a discount is offered.  Until the go-live date agencies should calculate the discount and send vouchers at the net amount.  After the go-live date, vouchers will be sent to OMES at the gross amount.  A second set of town hall meetings and another webinar with detailed instructions will be held in August.  The estimated go-live for this project is sometime in October.  An updated FAQ document, which will answer many of your questions, will be e-mailed within the next ten days to anyone who subscribed for this project.  


Payroll Processing and Submission Requirements – Reminder

As a reminder, agencies must submit payroll information to OMES by the established deadlines.  The deadlines are set for your protection.  Agencies failing to meet deadlines are putting their employees at risk of not being paid on payday.  The responsibility for late payroll is on the agency if deadlines are not met by the agency.  OMES will notify agency directors when payroll is not submitted by 3 p.m. five business days prior to payday. 

Agencies will submit the following payroll documents to OMES Transaction Processing:

  1. The final Budget Check Report
  2. The final Claim Document – signed
  3. The CA GL Interface Trace File  

Institutions of higher education will submit the following payroll documents to OMES Transaction Processing:

  1. The Validate PFT Funding Report
  2. The Claim Document – signed

All documents must be received five business (5) days prior to the actual pay date to ensure adequate time for audit and processing.  Once OMES receives the documents, the reports will be reviewed and the payroll will be released to be picked up by a process that sends the checks and direct deposits to the Office of State Treasurer (OST) for further processing.

Payroll documents must be received by 3 p.m. in order for payroll to be released to the OST file on that day.  If the paperwork is not received by 3 p.m., the payroll will be held until the paperwork is received.  

The following email address should be used for submitting payroll documents to Transaction Processing for payment of payrolls.  This should also be used for general correspondence on issues involving the submission of payrolls. This is a group email that allows several Transaction Processing staff to receive the email notice:

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OMES Form PWC, Payroll Warrant Cancellation - Updated

The OMES Form PWC has been updated and is available on our website. The updated form has a revision date of 4/2017. The instructions have been updated as well.  Please be sure to use the new form on all payroll warrant cancellation requests submitted.

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Employee Name and Social Security Number Entries in HCM

When entering a new employee’s name and social security number (SSN) or updating a current employee’s name, please verify the name and social security number being entered is exactly as it appears on the employee’s social security card. This is critical in reporting not only the W-2 wages at year end but the Affordable Care Act (ACA) required health offer/coverage information. If the name and SSN does not match the Social Security Administration (SSA) records, the employee’s wages may not be credited to their social security account. Additionally, if the name and SSN do not match, the employee may not be reported correctly for ACA purposes which could result in an IRS letter to the employee for possible lack of health coverage or an IRS letter to the agency for possibly not offering coverage.

Beginning Sept. 8, 2007, the Social Security Administration updated the social security card.  The number holder’s name will always be printed on two lines, with the last name printed directly below the first and middle names. If you receive a prior version from an employee and are unsure, please ask the employee to verify the first, middle, and last names.

Additionally, compound names do not need to be hyphenated. If an employee provides a name with an apparent compound or multiple last names, ask the employee which name is the beginning of the last name and which (if any) is the middle name.

Please update the employee’s name in the HCM system as instructed in the COR301 Part II manual beginning on page 42 (Navigation:  Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Modify a Person).  You can enter the name that the employee currently uses as their paycheck name if desired so their paycheck will continue to have the same name as in the past but their employee record and W-2 information will match their social security card.

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Deceased Employee Payroll Processing, Reporting

The OMES Form DER, Deceased Employee Reporting, must be completed by agencies when an employee dies and payments are made after the date of death. The form is on the OMES website under DCAR Forms. Once completed, please send the form to OMES/DCAR payroll, attention Beth Brox or Jean Hayes.  Please complete and submit the form after the employee payments have processed so that year-end reporting will be correct.

For procedures on processing payroll after the death of employee, the HCM how-to document titled ‘Payroll Processing for Death of an Employee’ is on the Business Application Services (formerly EBS/CORE) website under HCM’s Module News for ‘How-to Documents’. 

NOTE: Please remember to update the date of death on the HR Personal Data Record, update Job Data for a termination with the reason code ‘SO4’ (deceased), and terminate the employee’s direct deposit (banks will return direct deposits for deceased customers).  A return of an item will cause a delay to the individual receiving the payment.

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Outstanding Wages Beneficiary Designation Option

40 O.S. § 165.3a, allows employers to provide employees the option of designating a beneficiary for wages and benefits payable upon an employee’s death. There is no requirement for an employer to allow employees to select beneficiaries, but agencies may want to consider adopting a policy which allows employees to designate a beneficiary. Providing the option to employees relieves stress and anxiety on family members after the death of the employee. Also, agencies would have clear guidance on who is to receive final wage payments and avoid any potential difficulties.

This statute does not include any longevity payment that may be due as of the date of death of an employee. 74, O.S. § 840-2.18, subsection H.2, authorizes any longevity payment to be paid to the decedent’s surviving spouse, or if there is no surviving spouse, to the decedent’s estate.

The Human Capital Management Division of OMES has developed a standardized Outstanding Wage Beneficiary form for agency use.  OMES – FORM HCM 016 (Revised 04/20/15) is available on the HCM website.

Although it is not mandatory to use the OMES – FORM HCM 016, agencies are advised to include all the data elements found in the standardized form in any internally developed form.

For more information or sample forms and instructions, please contact Lisa Raihl at 405-521-3258, or Jean Hayes at 405-522-6300,

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Payroll Stat Cancelled Warrants Not Eligible for Reissue

Agencies need to review the PS Financials Payroll 36 Month Statutory Cancellation Report on a regular basis. If there is a payroll warrant listed and the employee is entitled to the funds, please complete the OMES Form 20R and send to Transaction Processing.  This will allow a replacement warrant to be issued to provide employees their due pay.

If a payroll warrant is listed and the employee is not entitled to the funds, the issuing agency must notify OMES (62 O.S. § 34.80). Notification should include the employee name, warrant number, warrant date, and amount.  The notification must be signed by an agency approving authority. Please send notification to Transaction Processing stating that the warrant should not be reissued. In addition, the amounts must be removed from the employee’s earning record. Please contact Lisa Raihl at 405-521-3258, or Jean Hayes at 405-522-6300, to have this completed.

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Procedure Reminders – OMES Form 20R Replacement Warrants

  1. Lost or destroyed warrants – Sections A, C, and D must be completed. When vendors/payees request a lost or destroyed warrant reissuance (not statutory cancelled), it is their responsibility to complete the information in Section C and to sign and have notarized Section D of the Form 20R.
  2. Statutory canceled warrants (with warrant) – Section A must be completed. Then attached the warrant to the request.
  3. Statutory canceled warrants (without warrant) – Sections A, B, and D must be completed. When vendors/payees request a lost statutory cancelled warrant reissuance, it is their responsibility to place their name in Section B and to sign and have notarized Section D of the Form 20R.

In cases 1 and 3, Section D is mandatory for the completion of a Stat Canceled or Lost/ Destroyed reissuance. The purpose of the notary is to witness the vendor/payee’s signature where he or she is swearing by law the original warrant was lost, and swearing by law that he or she will not attempt to cash the warrant if found. Without the vendor/payee’s signature, the notary is invalid.

Prior to submitting a 20R, please insure all necessary sections are completed, including all required signatures.

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Purchase Card

Cardholders encountering issues with Staples transactions should email the State Use Office directly at rather than contacting Staples.  The State Use Office employees will assist with a quick resolution for unauthorized charges to the p-card.

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Volume 27, Number 11
Fiscal Year-2017
May 9, 2017

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OKC American Payroll Association Monthly Lunch & Learn Chapter Meetings

Data Security
Thursday, May 18, 2017

11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.

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Payroll Law 2017

Presented by Fred Pryor Seminars

Aug. 11, 2017 – Oklahoma City

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The Complete Guide to Payroll Taxes and 1099 Issues

Presented by the Oklahoma Society of Certified Public Accountants (OSCPA)

Friday, Sept. 29, 2017 – Oklahoma City

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APA Preparing for Year End and 2018

Presented by American Payroll Association

Friday, Oct. 27, 2017 - Tulsa

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State Comptroller:
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