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Oklahoma Employment Security Commission Notification

State agencies may receive a ‘Final Notice’ from the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (OESC) regarding the submission of the Form OES-3, Oklahoma Employers Quarterly Contribution Report. OMES submits the quarterly wage report for all state agencies that are on the Oracle/PeopleSoft HCM system and are under the state’s FEIN. The report is currently submitted using the Commission’s Internet EZ Tax Express website. If you receive this notification and have any questions, please contact Lisa Raihl at 405-521-3258, or Jean Hayes at 405-522-6300,

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OPERS – Pathfinder Plan Administrative Fee

The Board of Trustees for OPERS has established an employer administrative fee for the Pathfinder retirement plan for reimbursement of administrative costs of the plan. The fee is effective beginning with the first payroll of fiscal year 2018 (B01, C01, M01 payrolls). The rate is $0.36 (thirty-six cents) per month for each participant. For agencies on biweekly payroll, the equivalent amount is $0.16 (sixteen cents) per pay period. Agencies should plan for this additional amount when funding for FY18 payrolls. Please contact OPERS directly at 1-800-733-9008 or 405-858-6781 with any questions related to this new administrative fee.

The HCM system is being programmed to automatically add the admin fee deduction when an employee is set up with a contribution amount and the effective date is July 1, 2017, or later. For employees in the Pathfinder Plan with an effective date prior to July 1, 2017, programming is being completed to insert a row for each employee to have the admin fee effective July 1, 2017. No manual updates will be required by agencies. HCM payroll reports will be updated to include the admin fee amount and the COR104 Base Benefits Manual will also be updated with the fee information.

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SoonerSave Contributions and Eligible Compensation

As a reminder to agencies, certain types of earnings are eligible for deferral to SoonerSave while others are not considered eligible compensation.

Annual leave payout is generally eligible for SoonerSave deferral on termination of employment.  However, payments on severance from employment do not qualify as compensation for SoonerSave deferrals.  Therefore, payments under voluntary buyouts (VOBO) and reductions in force (RIF) would be excluded from deferral consideration.

Only compensation from an agency that is attributable to services performed for  the  agency  may  be  considered  as  earnings  from which SoonerSave deferrals  can  be  taken.  This would include regular pay, overtime, shift differential, and other similar payments based on employment.  If an amount would have been paid had the employment continued, such as annual leave, then deferrals can be taken.  

Please advise employees that changes in deferral amounts must be submitted to the SoonerSave Administrator and approved before processing through payroll.  For additional information, agency personnel should contact their SoonerSave Coordinator or the SoonerSave Administrative office at 1-800-733-9008 or 405-858-6781.

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1099 Tax Information Quarterly Report

The first quarter of the 2017 tax year is now complete, and it is time for ALL STATE AGENCIES to run their Miscellaneous 1099 Tax Information Report, which should include all transactions from January 1, 2017 through March 31, 2017.  The path for this report in PeopleSoft Financials is:  Accounts Payable, Reports, Payments, Misc Tax Information Report.

With this report please review the following:

  • 1099 FLAGS:  Please pay attention to the 1099 Flag where Y means the vendor should receive a 1099 and N means the vendor should not receive a 1099.  A 1099 will not be printed if the 1099 Flag is N.  A vendor does not need a 1099 if they are registered as a corporation, non-profit organization or government entity, (the exception to this is if the payment is for a legal or medical payment, in which case the vendor will receive a 1099). 
  • NAME & TIN:  Make sure that the Name and Tax ID number (TIN) match the information on the vendor’s W-9.  An additional name may need to be added so that it will match IRS records.  Only Name 1 prints on this report, but if you have an additional name for Name 2 it will be added in the vendor file and will print on the 1099.
  • ADDRESS:  The designated address for 1099 reporting is address 1 in the vendor file.  If the 1099 Flag is N, then new addresses will be added but address 1 will not change.  Otherwise, if address 1 is not the address that should be on the 1099, please have the vendor submit a Vendor/Payee Form requesting that the 1099 address be changed.
  • TOTALS:  Review all warrants processed with 1099 reportable account codes for each vendor and make sure all are accounted for.  (Any warrant corrections need to be made at the agency level.)

Your corrections to this report should be sent to the Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES) by April 28, 2017.  You may send your corrections to the email address listed below or you may print the report, write in the corrections and send it in via interagency mail.  If you have questions, please contact Beth Brox at 405-522-1099, or by email at


Oklahoma Child Support and Financial Reports

OMES/CAR centrally pays Oklahoma child support for all state agencies on the Oracle/PeopleSoft HCM system. The timing of this process may result in a balance in the 994 class funding at the end of a month.

CAR runs the process to report and make payment to the OCSS/Oklahoma Centralized Support Registry, PS vendor ID 0000190715, every Monday.  The process is run for payments with dates from the second previous Saturday through the previous Friday. For example; paychecks with an issue date between 3/25/2017 – 3/31/2017 were processed to pay child support withholdings on 4/3/2017.

In PeopleSoft Financials, a journal entry is created to remove the funds from the agency’s 994 fund.  Journal entries created by CAR will be Allocation Journals (ALO) and begin with ‘000’. The agency will see a debit to the 633190 account and a credit to 101000. The timing of these payments may affect an agency’s reconciliation to the Summary of Receipts and Disbursements (SRD) report ending cash balance and the Allotment Budget and Available Cash (ABC) report available cash. Agencies may have amounts withheld in one month that are not paid until the next month. Please keep this in mind when reconciling with the SRD and ABC reports. Agencies can run the following queries to assist with the reconciliation:


Agency payroll personnel are to notify CAR of any items that will affect the amount to be paid.  Items that could affect the amount to be paid include refunds to employees for amounts withheld in error and reversals of payroll warrants. If CAR is not notified and payment is processed, the agency’s 994 fund will be out of balance. The agency will be responsible for contacting the Department of Human Services child support division and attempting to get a refund.  If the funds have already been disbursed to the recipient, the money might not be refunded back to the agency. Timely communication from the agencies is critical in these situations.

For questions, please contact Lisa Raihl at 405-521-3258, or Jean Hayes at 405-522-6300,

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Planned Form Revisions for the Early Payment Discount Program

In light of the early pay discount program, to be implemented soon, OMES will be making changes to the following system generated forms: OMES Form 15A - Claim Jacket Voucher Form and the OMES Form 25B – Voucher Register Batch Slip Notice.  The Form 15A changes will include new fields for a Discount Date, Discount Amount, and a Net Due Date field. The before mentioned fields may not yet be applicable to your agency. The change made to the Batch Slip will only allow vouchers with a current or previous scheduled due date to appear on the batch slip. Any future dated vouchers will not appear on the batch slip.

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Clarification of Agency-direct Payment for Lodging and Airfare for Contractors

A contractor or supplier is defined as any person who provides any type of service or goods to the state or state agency and receives monetary compensation of any type for those services or goods.

Agency-direct payment of lodging and airfare is restricted to only employees, officials (commission or board members), and volunteers.  Contractors, free-lance speakers, etc., receiving payment for services or goods provided in any amount and in any form must pay their own travel expenses.  If travel costs are required to be paid, they must be negotiated and paid as part of the contract or agreement.  A PO issued to an individual or their company is considered a contract and should include any travel costs. No travel expenses of any type may be paid outside of the contract or agreement as stated in Title 74 O.S. § 85.40. Travel costs written into a contract or agreement should be a reasonable amount and we suggest the contract amount does not exceed the amounts authorized in the State Travel Reimbursement Act.

In addition, a written statement indicating services were provided free-of-charge must be included with any direct travel payment or travel claim reimbursement submitted to OMES Transaction Processing for payments involving non-state employee volunteers.

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P-Card Information

When cardholders receive a new p-card for any reason, it must be activated prior to use.  Using a p-card that has not been activated will result in declined transactions regardless of the spend profile that has been assigned to the p-card.  Once activated, the p-card must also be registered here in order to later retrieve the assigned PIN if cardholder forgets the PIN. 

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Electronic Payment Requirement

O.S. § 62 Section 34.64 requires that funds disbursed from the State Treasury must be sent electronically.  State agencies are able to request an exemption from this requirement with cause.   All exemptions granted by the Office of the State Treasurer (OST) for FY2017 will expire June 30, 2017.    

State agencies can obtain the FY2018 Request for Exemption by clicking here beginning Monday, April 17.   State agencies must complete and submit the FY 2018 Request electronically via email to OST at   Only FY 2018 requests submitted using this document and to the web address noted above will be considered.   Agencies should submit their FY2018 request by May 15, 2017, to ensure their exemption(s) can be processed before July 1.  If you have questions about how your agency can send electronic payments, please contact Kiran Nallayahgari, banking and treasury services director, and at 405-522-6860.

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Volume 27, Number 10
Fiscal Year-2017
April 17, 2017

In This Issue ...


Monthly AGA CPE Luncheon

The Oklahoma City Chapter of the AGA holds CPE luncheons most months between September and April as well as two all-day CPE events.The upcoming luncheon is on April 19, and will be held at The Tasting Room, Will Rogers Theater, 4322 N. Western Ave., Oklahoma City.  Luncheons begin at 11:30 a.m. and end at 1 p.m.  Cost is $15 for AGA Oklahoma City Chapter members and $20 for non-members.  The luncheons are recommended for one hour of CPE.  Mark your calendar for the upcoming luncheon.

April 19:
Speaker - Robyn Burk, Director of ESC @ Federal Aviation Administration

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OKC American Payroll Association Monthly Lunch & Learn Chapter Meetings

Tackling Garnishments Head On
Friday, April 20, 2017
11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.

For more information on both, please visit their website.

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Payroll Law 2017

April 24, 2017 - Tulsa
April 25, 2017 – Oklahoma City
August 11, 2017 – Oklahoma City

Presented by Fred Pryor Seminars

1-day seminar cost - $149
For groups of 5 or more - $139 each

For more information, please visit their website.

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OKFMA Quarterly Meeting

Mark your calendars for the next Oklahoma Financial Managers Association quarterly meeting on Thursday, April 27.   In efforts to cut down costs and continue providing these seminars free of charge we are asking all participants to print their own copies of the Power Point presentations from the website.  To ensure that an adequate number of refreshments are available, please register at:

Date:   April 27, 2017
Time:   1:30 - 4 p.m.
Place:   Business Conference Center Auditorium
MetroTech Springlake Campus
1900 Springlake Drive
Oklahoma City, OK

Click here for the meeting agenda.

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2017 Governmental Accounting & Auditing Conference

May 4-5, 2017 - Norman

Presented by the OSCPA

For more information, please visit their website.

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State Comptroller:
Lynne Bajema, CPA

Deputy State Comptroller:
Steve Funck, CPA, CGFM

Jennie Pratt, CPA, CGFM

Lisa Raihl, CPA

Transaction Processing:
Steve Wilson

Payroll Processing:
Elsa Kunnel

Statewide Accounts Payable:
Courtney Cowart

ISD Finance:
Cathy Menefee, CPA, CGFM

Vendor Maintenance:
Victoria Baker

OMES Service Desk:
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Financial Reporting Unit:
Matt Clarkson, CPA

Agency Business Services:
Steven Hawkins, CGFM

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