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Employee Name and Social Security Number Entries in HCM

When entering a new employee’s name and social security number (SSN) or updating a current employee’s name, please verify the name and social security number being entered is exactly as it appears on the employee’s social security card. This is critical in reporting not only the W-2 wages at year end but the Affordable Care Act (ACA) required health offer/coverage information. If the name and SSN does not match the Social Security Administration (SSA) records, the employee’s wages may not be credited to their social security account. Additionally, if the name and SSN do not match, the employee may not be reported correctly for ACA purposes which could result in an IRS letter to the employee for possible lack of health coverage or an IRS letter to the agency for possibly not offering coverage.

Beginning Sept. 8, 2007, the Social Security Administration updated the social security card.  The number holder’s name will always be printed on two lines, with the last name printed directly below the first and middle names. If you receive a prior version from an employee and are unsure, please ask the employee to verify the first, middle, and last names.

Additionally, compound names do not need to be hyphenated. If an employee provides a name with an apparent compound or multiple last names, ask the employee which name is the beginning of the last name and which (if any) is the middle name.

Please update the employee’s name in the HCM system as instructed in the COR301 Part II manual beginning on page 42 (Navigation:  Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Modify a Person).  You can enter the name that the employee currently uses as their paycheck name if desired so their paycheck will continue to have the same name as in the past but their employee record and W-2 information will match their social security card.

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OMES Form 94P, Request for Overpayment Refund - Updated

The OMES Form 94P has been updated and is available on our website. The updated form, revised 7/15/2016, contains new fields for reporting the Pathfinder retirement plan. The instructions have been updated as well.  Please be sure to use the new form on all overpayment refund requests submitted.

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OMES Form PWC, Payroll Warrant Cancellation

The OMES Form PWC should only be used when an employee is not entitled, in part or whole, to the funds.  All PWC forms received by OMES will begin the process to retrieve the funds, if direct deposit, and cancel the warrant in the payroll system. It is imperative that agencies identify payroll errors and process the Form PWC immediately upon discovery.

Paper Warrant Cancellations:
The original warrant must be marked “Void”, attached to the completed PWC form, and then sent to OMES Transaction Processing. These requests cannot be processed by fax.

Direct Deposit Cancellations:
Fax OMES Form PWC (revised 09/14) to 405-522-2186.  Verify the fax was successful.  Requests for cancellation of direct deposits must be made by completing the PWC form and faxing it to OMES to initiate the cancellation procedures. To ensure that direct deposit funds are returned, the PWC request must be received by 12 noon three business days prior to the effective pay date.

Any faxed request for cancellation of direct deposits after that cutoff will be subject to recall or reversal procedures which are subject to denial by the employee’s bank. An employee must be notified in writing of a reversing entry and the reason for the reversing entry no later than the effective date of the reversing entry.  Please notify the employee no later than the day the OMES Form PWC is submitted for processing. 

The statement below can be modified by your agency and used to inform your employee(s) of the pending reversal. 

“A payroll item will be posted in error to your bank account on MM/DD/YY.  A reversal has been issued and will post to your account to pull these funds back to the state.  Please keep the full amount of this deposit in your account. If the state cannot retrieve the full amount of the deposit, action will be taken in accordance with applicable procedures to retrieve the funds from you.”

Once the funds have been returned to the state, OMES will process a cancellation in the payroll system which returns the funds to the agency. If the funds cannot be recovered from the bank, the agency is responsible for recovering the funds from the employee. Please refer to O.S. 74 Chapter 27A, Section 940-2.19 D for proper procedures for recovering over payments if needed. The agency should submit the OSF Form 94P for processing if the employee pays back the funds through a miscellaneous payroll deduction or cash.

PWC forms received for direct deposit items that are more than business five days past the effective date will not be processed in accordance with NACHA rules. If agencies encounter erroneous entries more than five business days past the effective date, please contact OST for consultation on options for recovering the funds.

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Payroll Processed Before a Reversal is Completed

Agencies are responsible for going to the timesheet and removing the time that processed back through payroll when a replacement check was processed before a reversal was completed. 

When a payroll check that had time pulled in from Time and Labor is reversed, the reversal creates offset payable time with status “Reversed” and an additional row in payable time with “Estimated” status when the check reversal is confirmed. The “Estimated” payable time will be pulled into payroll again when payroll is processed if not removed which may cause an overpayment. 

It is recommended that a replacement check should not be issued until the reversal has been processed. This allows reversed time to either be processed through payroll again, or if needed, time can be corrected and then processed again. If time entered was invalid or incorrect and should not be pulled into payroll again, it should be corrected on the Timesheet and processed through Time Administration.

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Searching for Individuals using the Statewide Employee View

The Statewide Employee View functionality can be used to find any person in PeopleSoft HCM.  When trying to determine if an individual already exists in the system, please search by “National ID” (social security number).

Searching with criteria other than National ID can cause an agency to identify a person that isn’t truly the one they want. Please review the search results carefully to ensure the individual found is who you need. The navigation is:  Home > Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Statewide Employee View (0491).

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Taxability of Gift Cards, Certificates, and Coupons

Giving gifts to employees is restricted and should only be given as part of a formal employee recognition program. See 74 O.S. § 4121 and 4122. Furthermore, any gift cards, certificates or coupons given to employees are to be included in the employee’s taxable income. These items are considered by the Internal Revenue Service to be cash or a cash equivalent and do not meet the requirements to be excludable as a de minimis fringe benefit. 

Even when an employer provides gift cards, certificates or coupons to purchase a turkey, ham or other nominal value property, these are considered wages and are subject to income and employment taxes. This is true even when the card restricts the items purchased, the time to use the coupon, and any unused portion is forfeited. Cash equivalents do not meet the de minimis fringe benefit requirements. 

In the HCM system, process the gift card amount using the TRC Code of “GIFT,” which will show as earnings code “GFT.” The amount will be included as taxable income and will be taxed on the paycheck.

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New Group Emails for Transaction Processing Contacts

For corresponding with the OMES Central Accounting and Reporting, Transaction Processing Department, please use the following three email addresses as appropriate. These are effective Aug. 9, 2016, or immediately after receipt of this newsletter. If you have questions concerning these email addresses and uses, please contact Steve Wilson at 405/521-4679 or

Stat Cancel and Lost Warrant Replacements Processes and New Group Email Address

In an effort to streamline the statutory cancellation and lost warrant replacements, Transaction Processing has set up a new group email. Please begin emailing documents and inquires to, unless otherwise specified in the following actions to be taken.

 1.     Stat Cancel Replacement Forms

a.      Email a scanned copy of the Form 20R Canceled by Statute Warrant Replacement Request when there is no warrant to Use Stat Cancel Replacement Form without Warrant in the subject line.

b.     Include a scanned copy of the VEND Form or the Additions/Changes for Employees Form in the same email if a supplier (vendor) should be set up in the SETID 00000 suppler file.

> State agencies may need to have an employee set up to replace a statutory canceled payroll warrant.

> Higher Education institutions using the HECLM vendor file will need to have suppliers/employees added in the in the SETID 0000 supplier file if they are not already set up.

c.      Form 20R Stat Cancel Replacement Form with Warrant should be mailed to 5005 N Lincoln, OKC, OK, 73105, since the hard copy of the warrant must be received. Include the VEND Form or the Additions/Changes for Employees Form with the Stat Cancel Replacement Form if the supplier/employee should be added to the SETID 00000 supplier file.

2.     Lost Replacements

a.     The OST Stop Pay and Hard Cancel Form will continue to be faxed to OST.

b.     If state agencies need an employee to be set up in the supplier file, email a scanned copy of the Additions/Changes for Employees Form to at the time the OST Stop Pay Form is faxed to OST. Use Additions/Changes for Employees Form for Lost Replacement in the subject line.

c.      Higher Education institutions should transmit employees (vendors) to the supplier file at the time the OST Stop Pay Form is emailed to OST. There is no need to submit an Additions/Changes for Employees Form to OMES if the lost warrant has not stat canceled.

3.     Email all Stat Cancel or Lost Warrant inquiries to Use Stat Cancel/Lost Warrant Inquiry in the subject line. Please note that the group email address does not include the Hard Cancel replacements since the warrant must be included. Questions about hard cancel warrants/replacements can be directed to

New Group Email Address for Transaction Processing Accounts Payable

The group email address has been set up to receive emails related to the PeopleSoft Accounts Payable system. Please begin emailing inquiries regarding the PeopleSoft issues, unprocessed vouchers, and rush payments that are routinely answered by Patricia Garcia, Courtney Walker, Jeannette Pascher, Joana Stenulson, and Steve Wilson to this address. This will help us serve you better by being able to respond more quickly to your inquiries. This group email does not include questions about travel or travel vouchers.

New Group Email Address for Transaction Processing Vouchers

The group email address has been set up to receive batch slips and emails related to travel vouchers and inquiries. Agencies scanning their vouchers should begin emailing the batch slips to this email address. Additionally, travel vouchers and other inquiries routinely answered by Cathrine Edge, Sharon Johnson, Pam Lomo, Jeannette Pascher, and Steve Wilson should be directed to this email address.

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Procurement Information Memorandum (PIM) 2002-01

Procurement Information Memorandum (PIM) 2002-01, revised in January 2009 states that the only charge accounts allowed for state business are the State P-Card (SW200) and the fleet management system card (SW101).  All other charge accounts (i.e. Synchrony Bank, Sam’s Club, local business charge accounts, etc.) shall be immediately terminated and all cards destroyed.  New accounts shall not be established without the written approval of the State Purchasing Director.  To read this PIM in its entirety, go to

For questions, contact the P-Card team at

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Package Z Changes

Due to changes in the Uniform Guidance for federal grant reporting, the GAAP conversion package that is used for tracking expenditures of federal awards has been amended for fiscal year 2016. GAAP package Z is now being used to compile information about funds passed on to subrecipients. Further, it also splits the passed through funds between entities of the state, and non-state entities (including institutions of higher education).

If you need further clarification, first consult the updated instructions for package Z, or contact your financial reporting analyst.

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Volume 27, Number 2
Fiscal Year-2017
August 17, 2016

In This Issue ...


16th Annual Oklahoma Payroll Conference

Presented by the Oklahoma City and Northeastern Oklahoma Chapters of the American Payroll Association 

Friday, Sept. 9, 2016

Moore Norman Technology Center
South Pennsylvania Campus
13301 S Pennsylvania, OKC, OK


$115 July 1 – Aug. 20, 2016
$150 After Aug. 20, 2016

Please click here for the registration form or for more information, please visit their website.

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APA Preparing for Year End and 2017

Preparing for Year-End and 2017 brings you up to date on the latest changes in legislation and regulations that affect the close of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. Year-end processing tips, fringe benefit taxation and reporting, implementing new tax laws and regulations. Good for payroll, human resources, systems, accounting and finance professionals responsible for payroll operations and involved in year-end processing.

Friday, Nov. 4, 2016

Presented by American Payroll Association

Location to be determined

For more information, please visit:  APA website

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Payroll Law 2016

Presented by Fred Pryor Seminars

Oklahoma City, OK – November 16, 2016

1-Day Seminar cost - $149

For groups of 5 or more - $139 each

For more information, please visit their website.

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The Complete Guide to Payroll Taxes and 1099 Issues

Presented by the Oklahoma Society of Certified Public Accountants (OSCPA)

Monday November 14, 2016 - Tulsa

Tuesday December 13, 2016 – Shawnee

Thursday December 15, 2016 - Lawton

For more information, please visit: OSCPA website

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