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Unused Airline Tickets

Alarm clock.

Travel arrangers: Remember to use any airline tickets credited to your agency because of a flight change or cancellation.  The name on the ticket may be changed and the ticket used for another employee of the agency and should be used as quickly as possible.  The tickets expire after one year.  In order to ensure that the state gets the benefit of the credit, any tickets unused by your agency after 11 months will be opened up and will be made available to other agencies.    

Remember that all unused ticket travel arrangements must be made by calling FCM.  Contact Richard Williams at or 405-522-4812 with any questions.


Payroll Deduction Register and Employee Social Security Numbers

The Deductions Register (PAY001) will now be available with social security numbers masked to show only the last four digits for any payroll withholding vendor that does not require the full social security number.  We highly recommend using the masked report whenever possible.  Additional information will follow once the modification is complete and available in the HCM system.

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FY Combo Code Conversion Schedule

The schedule for running the FY Combo Code Conversion process is:

  • Evening of July 5, 2016 – Department of Human Services. This process must be run prior to running the July 15, 2016, payroll.
  • Evening of July 6, 2016 – All State Agencies Having Bi-Weekly Payrolls. This process must be run prior to running ‘B01’ or ‘C01’ payrolls which pay on July 22, 2016.
    (NOTE: This date includes agencies running both monthly and bi-weekly payrolls. All supplemental and off-cycle payrolls must be completed and processed to GL by 3 p.m. on July 05.)  
  • Evenings of July 14 and 15, 2016 – All Monthly Anticipatory Agencies. Do not begin processing M01 until July 18.

NOTE: As soon as all on- and off-cycle payroll processes are completed for the June pay period, please notify Enterprise Business Services by creating a Service Desk case asking for the case to be assigned to the HCM payroll group.  This will enable the EBS team to try and schedule the agency’s FY Combo Code Conversion Process earlier.  

Questions may be directed to Carol Barton at 405-522-4371 or

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Changes in Fees for SoonerSave Deferred Savings Plan

The rate certified for the administrative cost which will be calculated in payrolls submitted for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2016, has changed to $2.23 per month for any qualified participant. The equivalent amount for a bi-weekly pay period is $1.03. This change will be reflected in any payrolls submitted with a pay period code of M01 or B01.

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No Change in State Share of Oklahoma Public Employees Retirement System

The amount the State of Oklahoma pays for employee retirement will remain at 16.5% for FY 2017.

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Change in Employer Contribution Rate for Justices and Judges Retirement System

The employer contribution rate for the Uniform Retirement System for Justices and Judges will increase effective July 1, 2016, from 17.5% to 19.0% beginning with any payrolls submitted with a pay period code on M01 or B01.

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No Change in State Share of Oklahoma Law Enforcement Retirement System

The amount the State of Oklahoma pays for employee retirement will remain at 11.0% for FY 2017.

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Change in Federal Matching Contribution for Teachers Retirement System

The Federal matching contribution rate for the Teachers Retirement System will decrease effective July 1, 2017, from 8.25% to 7.70% beginning with any payrolls submitted with a pay period code on M01 or B01.  The federal matching contribution rate must be paid when salaries are paid by federal funds or externally sponsored agreements such as grants, contracts and cooperative agreements. Other TRS contribution rates remain the same for FY 2017.  For a complete list of rates, please see the TRS website.

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Schedule of FY-2017 Pay Periods

Please distribute the FY-2017 Pay Date schedules found FY-2016 Pay Date schedules to Payroll and Human Resource directors.  Questions on the codes may be directed to Lisa Raihl at 405-521-3258, or Jean Hayes at 405-522-6300,

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Higher Education Entities

PFT Processing for Employee Overpayments

When an employee overpayment has been identified after the individual received the net payment, a PFT reversal should only be completed after the employee repays the agency.  The amount of the PFT reversal should only be for the amount of withholdings and state shares which are still in the 789 fund.  

If the employee has cashed the check, and subsequently reimburses the university for the net pay, a PFT reversal would not be done for the net pay portion since the money is no longer in the 789 fund and the repayment cannot be deposited into the 789 fund.

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Fiscal 2016 Year End Miscellaneous Claim Vouchers and Orders Processing

Following are the procedures for closing out the current fiscal year and then beginning the new fiscal year activity.

  • Miscellaneous Claim Voucher Processing
    Voucher batches received by 1 p.m. on Wednesday, June 29, 2016, will be processed for payment by the close of business June 30. Vouchers received at OMES after 1 p.m. will be held and processed for payment in FY 2017. Vouchers can be created through 5 p.m. on Wednesday, June 29, 2016, to accrue for 2016 expenditures in FY 2017. New vouchers should not be created on Thursday, June 30, 2016, since it is reserved for fiscal year closing activities.  Agencies should resolve all voucher exceptions by the close of business on June 30, 2016. New vouchers may be created beginning on Friday, July 1, 2016.

  • EDT Vouchers Submission
    Agencies uploading voucher data via ‘EDT’ transmissions (vouchers from remote) should provide for sufficient internal lead time so that paper vouchers arrive at OMES by the 1 p.m. Wednesday, June 29, 2016, deadline. Alternate System Agency vouchers transmitted after 12 p.m. on June 29, 2016, will be paid on Thursday, June 30, 2016. ‘EDT’ transmissions should not be submitted on Thursday, June 30, 2016, ‘EDT’ agencies should resolve all voucher exceptions by the close of business on June 30, 2016. New ‘EDT’ transmissions may be submitted beginning on Friday, July 1, 2016.

  • Manual Warrants
    The cutoff for issuing manual warrants is noon on Wednesday, June 29, 2016, for non-alternate system agencies, and 5 p.m. for Alternate System Agencies. Agencies whose warrants are entered into the system by OMES must have the supporting paperwork to OMES by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, June 29, 2016. Manual warrants should not be issued to payees after these deadlines since vouchers are not to be created June 30, 2016. Manual warrants may be issued and the associated voucher created beginning on Friday, July 1, 2016.

  • 340 Fund Expenditures
    Expenditure entries for 340 funds for June 29, 2016, and prior days must be received by 9 a.m. on June 30, 2016, to be processed in FY 2016. Expenditure entries for 340 funds for June 30, 2016, must be received by 2 p.m. on June 30, 2016, to be processed in FY 2016.

WARNING! 2017 Expenses Due Early in July 2016

Payments for 2017 expenses may not be paid with 2016 budget. An example is July rent. These payments may not be paid until the agency receives its 2017 budget. Agencies should notify vendors and contractors of this end-of-year processing dilemma, which could delay payment beyond the due date.

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Accounts Payable Year-End Preparations

Vouchers other than inter-unit billings and payroll withholding vouchers older than 30 days on June 30, 2016, that have not posted because of matching, document tolerance, budget checking or recycle exceptions will be deleted that day. To identify and correct vouchers prior to that date, please run the following reports beginning now: Match Exception, Document Tolerance Exception, Budget Checking Error and the Vouchers in Recycle Status. If a voucher is not corrected while it is an open accounts payable period, the accounting date on the voucher must be changed to the current date so it will budget check. Contact the OMES Service Desk at 405-521-2444 if assistance is needed to resolve the errors identified on these reports. 

All payroll withholding vouchers in the staging tables should be built as of June 30, 2016. Additionally, to ensure expenditures and liabilities are reported properly and to facilitate the reconciliation processes, run the OCP_AP_UNPAID_VOUCHERS query to monitor unpaid vouchers. If vouchers have been created but will not be paid, please delete vouchers that have never posted and close vouchers that have posted.

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Fiscal Year End P-Card Deadline

The Works end-of-cycle deadline posted on the P-Card information website is the final deadline by which all transactions must be closed by the Works accountants at each agency.  The agency P-card administrator should determine an additional deadline for cardholder and approver sign offs in Works between the cycle deadline and the posted date to provide the Works accountants adequate time to finalize all transactions.  For example: The June cycle ends Thursday, June 30, with the final transactions available for editing Friday morning, July 1. The deadline posted on the P-card website is Wednesday, July 6, at 5 p.m., so the deadline for the cardholders and approvers for this cycle might be 5 p.m. on Tuesday, July 5, or even noon on that day. You should consult both the calendar and the posted deadline date when determining your internal deadline schedule.  Most Works accountants will need at least one full day to finalize all transactions.

Remember for all new P-card AOs, the Supplier ID is 0000001101 and the Location is 0002.  You must also set the matching to NO MATCH in the header and the matching controls in the schedule detail must also be set to NO MATCH.

For questions related to internal deadlines or P-card AOs, contact the P-card team at

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Volume 26, Number 12
Fiscal Year-2016
June 15, 2016

In This Issue ...


Payroll Law 2016

Presented by Fred Pryor Seminars

Lawton, OK – June 21, 2016

Oklahoma City, OK – June 22, 2016

Enid, OK – June 23, 2016

Tulsa, OK – June 24, 2016

1-Day Seminar cost - $149

For groups of 5 or more - $139 each

For more information, please visit their website and select a location.

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OKFMA Next Quarterly Meeting

Mark your calendars for the next Oklahoma Financial Managers Association quarterly meeting will be on Thursday, July 21.  This seminar is provided free of charge.  To ensure adequate training materials and  refreshments are available, please register at:

Date:   July 21, 2016
Time:   1:30 to 4 p.m.
Place:   Business Conference Center Auditorium
MetroTech Springlake Campus
1900 Springlake Drive
Oklahoma City, OK
Topics:   Oklahoma's Single Audit; Telework Panel; GAAP Packages; Military Department

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16th Annual Oklahoma Payroll Conference

Presented by the Oklahoma City and Northeastern Oklahoma Chapters of the American Payroll Association 

Friday, Sept. 9, 2016

Moore Norman Technology Center
South Pennsylvania Campus
13301 S Pennsylvania, OKC, OK


$90 Before July 1, 2016
$115 July 1 – Aug. 20, 2016
$150 After Aug. 20, 2016

Please click here for the registration form or for more information, please visit their website.

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Transaction Processing:
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AP Manager:
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ISD Finance:
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