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May 2023

Renewals Are Continuing

With SoonerCare eligibility reviews continuing, it is important for you to make sure your information is up to date. Members who are still eligible for coverage but do not have their information up to date could also lose their benefits. Please confirm your information and documentation as soon as possible. Some items that may need to be updated could include: 

  • Household income 
  • Contact information (address, email address, phone number, etc.) 
  • Number of people living in your household 
  • Social security number(s)
  • Missing documents

It is extremely important to make sure OHCA has the right address for you so we can reach you with important information about your SoonerCare benefits. If you receive a letter or email from the Oklahoma Health Care Authority saying there is missing information from you, please respond right away by updating your account at

8 Weeks of Free Patches, Gum or Lozenges

Hip, hip, hooray for 4x more free patches, gum or lozenges! For a limited time, the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline is offering these Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) items at no cost. That means 8 weeks of FREE NRT! Visit, call 800-QUIT NOW or text READY to 34191 to sign up. Hurry, offer ends June 30, 2023.

Medication Safety

Photo of young child reaching for pills on a table

Medications can help in lots of ways. They can also be dangerous if not used correctly. Medications are the most common cause of poisoning for children under 5 in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Poison Center has tips to help keep medications from being a danger to someone:

  • Keep medications out of your child’s sight and reach.
  • Don't take medications in front of children because they like to imitate adults.
  • Keep purses, diaper bags and backpacks out of reach of your child. They often have medicine or other potentially harmful things — like make-up, sprays or lotions — in them.
  • Keep your medication in its original childproof container.
  • Store all medications away from food or drinks. If they need to be refrigerated, keep them in a childproof container. Never store them in the pantry.
  • Empty medication containers may still contain enough liquid to cause harm. Rinse empty containers before throwing them away.
  • Most importantly, always read and follow medication labels. If you have dosing or other questions, call the Poison Helpline at 800-222-1222. The helpline is always open.

For non-emergency information, visit the Poison Center’s website or find them on Facebook and Twitter. For other SoonerCare medication coverage questions, contact the Pharmacy Help Desk at 405-522-6205, option 4, or toll-free 800-522-0114, option 4.

Have You Received a Member Survey?

OHCA has been sending surveys to a sample of SoonerCare members. We are working to make your member experience the best it can be. If you get a survey, there is a link and phone number that lets you take the survey either online or by phone. The survey is available in English and in Spanish and takes just a few minutes to complete. 

Free Lung Cancer Screening

Photo of doctor reviewing lung X-ray

SoonerCare offers a free low-dose lung cancer screening benefit to members who qualify. Are you between ages 50 and 80? Are you a current or former smoker in the last 15 years? Do you or did you smoke at least a pack a day for 20 years or more? Contact your provider today and ask about this life-saving scan! 

Sending Documents?

When sending documents to OHCA, please be sure to include your member ID and case number. Do not use staples when sending in documents. The fastest way to have your documents processed is to upload them through the member portal at

Tornado Season Prep

Tornado and storm season is here! Storms can cause a lot of damage to homes and property. You may have prepared your emergency kit, but have you thought about what you would do if your durable medical equipment (DME) or assistive technology (AT) was damaged during a storm?

It is important to think about a plan for that important equipment – items like wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, canes, CPAP or BiPAP machines, communication devices, hearing devices, etc. If you need them, Oklahoma ABLE Tech is ready to assist in the event of a disaster or evacuation! Learn more.

Requesting a Call Back from SoonerCare?

For SoonerCare to fulfill your request, please make sure spam blocking is turned off on your phone. Sometimes when we return a call, it can show up as spam. Our phone number may also come up as a Colorado or Florida number on your caller ID.

About OHCA

Please call the SoonerCare helpline at 800-987-7767 if you have questions about your coverage or benefits. For updates on new policies, health tips, helpful resources and more, follow OHCA on Facebook and/or Twitter. The Oklahoma Health Care Authority does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability in employment or the provision of services.

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