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September 2021

Flu Prevention

Flu season is officially here.

The flu usually comes on suddenly, and people infected with it may infect others before symptoms even develop and up to seven days after they first appear. Young children may infect others even longer than seven days after they begin showing symptoms.

The CDC states it is more important than ever to prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses like the flu due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The most important step to protect yourself and others from getting the flu, is to get a flu vaccine. The flu vaccine is recommended for everyone 6 months or older, especially young children, children with long-term health problems and any caregivers of children.

In addition to getting vaccinated, other ways to prevent the spread of the flu include:

  • Staying away from people who are sick.
  • Avoiding contact with others if you are sick.
  • Covering your coughs and sneezes.
  • Washing your hands often.
  • Avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Cleaning surfaces or objects that may have been touched by an infected person.

Update Your Information with SoonerCare

Is your address updated with SoonerCare? Has your income changed? Do you have a new place of employment? If any information in your SoonerCare account needs to be updated, please log in and update it as soon as possible. 

We encourage all members to upload documents to the member portal. This option allows our agents to update your information in a more timely manner than if you were to mail documents in. 

We also encourage you to choose electronic notifications instead of receiving OHCA letters by mail. This will ensure you are getting your notifications more quickly and are able to upload or send in your documents sooner.

Choose Your Primary Care Physician

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Starting October 1, members who were part of SoonerCare expansion can log in to their SoonerCare account and select a primary care physician. A PCP will help identify and treat common medical conditions, provide preventive care, refer you to a specialist when needed, and help you meet your health goals.

If you would like to select your PCP on your mobile phone, hover your phone camera over the QR code to the left. This will take you to where you can login and choose your PCP.

COVID-19 Vaccine and Testing Resources

We encourage anyone who has not been vaccinated against COVID-19 to do so as soon as possible, especially as the Delta variant continues to affect more and more people of all ages. The vaccine has also been approved for children 12 and up. See below for information about where you can receive a COVID-19 vaccine or a COVID-19 test.

Statewide Links:

  • Oklahoma State Department of Health vaccine registration portal.

Oklahoma State Department of Health:

Pharmacies and Urgent Care Clinics:

COVID-19 Testing:

Tribal Citizens:

Check with your tribe, Indian Health Service and local tribes to see if you are eligible to receive a vaccine through them.

Quit Tobacco with SoonerCare

Got Your Back


The Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline combined with SoonerCare resources can help you quit tobacco. SoonerCare covers all FDA approved medications that help you quit and they do not count against the six-prescription limit per month. Plus, representatives from our helpline are available for support and to offer helpful tips. Learn more here

SoonerCare Can Help You Breathe Easier with Asthma


Asthma medications are some of the most used by SoonerCare members. That’s no surprise since Oklahoma has some of the worst cities in the U.S. for asthma.

If you have asthma, it is very important to use your medication correctly. That means learning how to use your inhaler and taking your controller or maintenance medication every day. It’s easy to think asthma is under control until an asthma attack or flare-up happens. Avoiding missed doses of your maintenance medication is the best way to prevent flare-ups and breathe easier.

People miss doses for many reasons. Here are some of the most common reasons and some helpful hints to avoid missing yours.

  • You feel good most of the time and only take your medication when you feel bad.
    Remember that severe flare-ups can happen all of a sudden, especially if you skip medication doses. The best way to keep feeling good is taking your maintenance medication every day.

    Talk to your doctor about the possibility of using the same inhaler for daily maintenance and flare-ups. There are new recommendations showing this is a good option for many people with asthma.

  • You often run out of medication.
    Try using your phone to set a refill reminder on your calendar. You may be able to set a reminder for every three months since many asthma medications are part of SoonerCare’s 90-day Maintenance Drug List (see Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Medications list).

    Medications that can be filled for a 90-day supply have the same $4 copay as filling a 30-day supply. Filling a 90-day supply of one medication could save you $32 over the course of the year

  • Your routine changes from day to day.
    Keep your medication in something you carry with you every day, like a purse or a backpack, but make sure you do not leave it in the car! Both heat and cold can make your medication lose its effectiveness.

  • You are confused about how and when to take your medication.
    Talk to your doctor about making an asthma action plan. Having an action plan helps you recognize early warning signs and prevent flare-ups.

  • Sometimes you just plain forget.
    Find something you already do every day. Do you use your toothbrush every day? How about your phone charger? Try putting your medication next to one of these everyday items. That way you will see it and remember to use it.

You can breathe easier with asthma and SoonerCare can help. If you have questions about asthma medication coverage, call the pharmacy help desk at 405-522-6205, option 4, or toll-free at 800-522-0114, option 4.

SoonerCare Resources

  • Information you need to know in one central place! Check out the Member Toolkit here: SoonerCare Member Toolkit.
  • If you are in the Oklahoma City area and are looking for a great way to exercise and have fun with no pressure? Check out

  • If you have any questions about SoonerCare, please call the SoonerCare helpline at 800-987-7767.

    If you know your member ID number, enter it when asked. If you do not know your member ID number, select option 3 for "never been a SoonerCare member" (even if this is not true for you), then press 3 again to speak to a representative.

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