SoonerCare Member Memo - August 2021

SoonerCare Member Memo

August 2021

Pfizer Vaccine Officially Fully Approved by FDA

This week, the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine received full FDA approval.

To receive full approval, the vaccine underwent the same careful review all vaccines go through to test its quality, safety and effectiveness. Based on results from the clinical trial involving thousands of participants, the vaccine was proven to be highly effective in preventing COVID-19, and does not cause any serious or long-lasting side effects.

We encourage everyone to get vaccinated as soon as possible, especially as the Delta variant continues to affect more and more people of all ages. See below for more information about where you can receive a COVID-19 vaccine or a COVID-19 test.


Statewide Links:

  • Oklahoma State Department of Health vaccine registration portal.

Oklahoma State Department of Health:

Pharmacies and Urgent Care Clinics:

COVID-19 Testing:

Tribal Citizens:

Check with your tribe, Indian Health Service and local tribes to see if you are eligible to receive a vaccine through them.

COVID-19 Vaccines for Children 12 and Up

Kids 12 and up are eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine. As the school year has started back up, we encourage you to provide an extra layer of protection by getting your child vaccinated.

Booking an appointment is easy at or you can text your zip code to 438829 (GETVAX). This is also a good time to ensure your child is up-to-date on all their other immunizations!

Restored Medical Equipment Available for SoonerCare Members

ABLE Tech Program


Are you or someone you know in need of sturdy and long-lasting medical equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, blood pressure monitors, CPAP machines, hospital beds and more?

Oklahoma ABLE Tech collects gently used equipment and cleans and repairs them to make them like new again through their Device Reuse Program.

Once the equipment is available, it is made available to SoonerCare members only for the first 30 days. After 30 days, the equipment is available to any Oklahoma citizen who submits a request.

To learn more, visit If you have any gently used equipment you are no longer using and would like to donate, please call ABLE Tech at 405-523-4810 or email

How to Treat Head Lice

Just hearing the words “head lice” are enough to make you start itching! Luckily, treating head lice is usually quite easy to do! SoonerCare covers over-the-counter lice treatments for children with a prescription. Brand name Natroba® (spinosad) is also covered for children and adults with a prescription. Other prescription lice treatments for children and adults require prior authorization.

The country’s leading pediatricians have written some helpful guidelines for anyone dealing with head lice:

  • Children found with lice at school should finish the school day, then be treated, and return to school the next day.
  • For children age 2 years or younger, ask your doctor before using any lice treatment.
  • For women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, ask your doctor before using any lice treatment for yourself or applying to another person.
  • Follow lice treatment package directions.
  • Treatments should only be applied by an adult.
  • Keep treatments from getting onto other areas of skin.
  • Never put a plastic bag on a child's head while using treatments.
  • Do not leave a child alone with lice treatment on the hair.
  • Always rinse off the treatment using a sink and warm (not hot) water. DO NOT rinse during a shower or bath.
  • Store lice treatment in a locked cabinet, out of sight and reach of children.
  • Ask your doctor if you have any questions or if one treatment failed to get rid of lice.
  • Do not use home remedies such as petroleum jelly, mayonnaise, margarine, herbal oils or olive oil. They are not proven to work.
  • Never use dangerous products like gasoline or kerosene or medicines made for use on animals!

You can feel more comfortable about how to spot, treat and prevent the spread of lice. With these tips, you and your family can easily handle the very common problem of head lice. If you have questions about lice treatment coverage, call the pharmacy help desk at 405-522-6205, option 4, or toll-free at 800-522-0114, option 4.

SoonerCare Resources

  • Information you need to know in one central place! Check out the Member Toolkit here: SoonerCare Member Toolkit.
  • If you are in the Oklahoma City area and are looking for a great way to exercise and have fun with no pressure? Check out

  • If you have any questions about SoonerCare, please call the SoonerCare helpline at 800-987-7767.

    If you know your member ID number, enter it when asked. If you do not know your member ID number, select option 3 for "never been a SoonerCare member" (even if this is not true for you), then press 3 again to speak to a representative.

Oklahoma Tabacco Helpline



Quitting tobacco is one of the healthiest choices you can make, but it can feel intimidating at first. Let SoonerCare and the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline help you with your quit journey!

SoonerCare covers all FDA-approved medications to help you quit tobacco. These do not count against the six-prescription limit per month. Learn more here.

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