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January 2021

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Important SoonerCare Updates on COVID-19

The US Dept. of Health and Human Services has extended the public health emergency through April 21, 2021. The public health emergency renewal can be found here.

What does this mean for SoonerCare members?

  • Expanded use of telehealth services through April 30, 2021 for most SoonerCare services.
  • OHCA and DHS will not terminate SoonerCare coverage for members during this time.
  • No cost sharing for testing or treatment of COVID-19 for SoonerCare members.
  • Some medicines may be prescribed for 90 days to reduce trips to the pharmacy.

COVID-19 Vaccine Information

If you need information about COVID-19 vaccines such as how, where and when you can get vaccinated, please visit You will need to answer questions about your age, medical conditions, etc. to determine when you will be eligible to receive the vaccine.

The vaccine is free for everyone and is being distributed throughout the state in phases. If you need more information, visit or call 211. The 211 helpline is open 24/7.


Opioid Pain Medication Help

How does SoonerCare help people handle OPMs?

  • SoonerCare covers Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). MAT medications, like Suboxone, have a $0 copay and do not count against monthly medications.  
  • SoonerCare also covers naloxone, also known as Narcan, at no cost, and it does not count against monthly medications.

What is MAT? MAT can help people with OPM issues. MAT uses special medicines and trained counselors who can help patients coming off OPMs.

Where can I find MAT? Find a provider at or call the free reach-out hotline at 800-522-9054. It is open 24/7 and will help you find a provider near you.

What is naloxone? Naloxone is a nasal spray or shot. It helps quickly wake someone who is having an OPM overdose. Learn more about naloxone here.

Do I need naloxone? Naloxone is needed if someone uses OPMs in a way that could be harmful. You can find helpful information about opioid overdose at

How do I get naloxone? Talk to your health care provider about getting a naloxone prescription. Naloxone can be free without a prescription in some areas. Visit okimready/org/overdose/ and scroll to the bottom to find various locations in Oklahoma.

Dental Checkup

New Year! New Oral Health Habits!

Taking care of YOU is the best way to start the new year. What better way to start this new journey than to start in one of the places often overlooked: your mouth! A healthy mouth contributes to an overall healthy body.

This year, take time to adopt or continue better habits to contribute to your oral health. Brush and floss frequently, make sure you schedule a visit with your dentist, and practice healthy eating habits.

Tobacco Cessation
Tobacco Newsletter

It's Never Too Late to Quit Smoking

The Oklahoma tobacco helpline offers a variety of FREE services, resources and support to help you quit tobacco your own way. You can receive non-judgmental support though text, email, phone calls or web coaching. SoonerCare members may receive counseling as well as prescription and over-the-counter medications to help stop using tobacco.

For more information and to find helpful tips, call 800-784-8669 or visit

Did you know the following products are free with a prescription from your doctor and DO NOT count against your six-prescription limit per month?

  • Patches
  • Gum
  • Lozenges
  • Inhaler
  • Nasal spray
  • Zyban
  • Chantix (180 days per 12 months)

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SoonerCare Helpline

Need to speak with a SoonerCare helpline representative? Follow the steps below, even if they do not all apply to you, to get connected to a representative. We can check for documents, discuss benefits, help you apply for SoonerCare or assist you with any other questions or issues you may have.


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