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September 2020

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COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 testing is now available to all Oklahomans. For more information on testing locations, please visit and select Testing Sites.

How to Find Answers to Your Pharmacy Questions

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Did you know the Medicaid pharmacy help desk is open seven days a week to answer your questions and help you solve any prescription problems? We answer all kinds of questions, but below are some commons ones we receive.

Q: What if I’m traveling out of state and need to get some prescription medication?

A: You will need to use a pharmacy contracted with Oklahoma Medicaid. The prescriber must also be contracted with Oklahoma Health Care Authority. SoonerCare does not provide early refills for travel, unless the travel is medically necessary.

Q: Do my diabetes strips count for my punches?

A: No. Diabetes testing supplies do not count against the monthly script limit.

Q: Can I get more than 30 days of medicine at a time?

A: Sometimes. Some medications are covered for a 90-day supply. A complete list is on the SoonerCare website. Go to, then choose Maintenance Drug List. Getting 90 days of medication will help you make the most of your punches.

Q: If my medicine needs a PA, or prior authorization, how long should that take?

A: PAs are reviewed and sent back to your pharmacy within 24 hours.

Q: What if I have more questions?

A: You can call the pharmacy help desk at 405-522-6205 or 800-522-0114, option 4. We are open 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. (M-F), 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Sat.), and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Sun).

Income Documentation Required for Children 16 and Over

If you receive an income verification request for a child in your household who is 16 years or older and working, you must submit a 30-day paystub. If they are not employed, we need a third party letter stating they are not employed or receiving any income. The letter must include the name of the person outside the household who is verifying, their signature and phone number, and the letter must be dated. Call the SoonerCare helpline if you have any questions.

SoonerCare Well-Child Checkups

Sports Physical

Flu Prevention

It is officially flu season! The flu is different from a cold since it usually comes on suddenly. People infected with flu may infect others before symptoms develop and up to seven days after symptoms appear. Young children may infect others even longer than seven days after they start showing symptoms. The CDC states it is more important than ever to prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses like the flu due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The flu vaccine is recommended as early as September but getting vaccinated anytime during flu season can help.

The most important step to protect yourself and others from getting the flu is to get a flu vaccination. Flu vaccination is recommended for everyone six months and older. It is important to get vaccinated every year. It is especially important for young children, children with certain long-term health problems and caregivers of children.

In addition to getting vaccinated, other ways to prevent the spread of the flu virus include:

  • Staying away from people who are sick.
  • If you are sick, avoid contact with others.
  • Cover your coughs and sneezes.
  • Wash your hands often.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Clean surfaces or objects that may have been touched by an infected person.

After Hours Clinics

If you are needing to see a medical provider after hours, visit to find one near you. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

Suicide Prevention Resources

September is National Suicide Prevention Month, but this is an issue that impacts so many year-round. Click here for resources on how you can help raise awareness and here to find help if you or someone you know is struggling with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, etc.

SoonerCare Tobacco Cessation Benefits

Older female doctor discusses quit options with eager young woman

SoonerCare covers all FDA-approved medications to help you quit tobacco. These do not count against the six prescription limit per month.

Talk with your SoonerCare provider about which options are best for you or call the SoonerQuit helpline at 800-784-8669 for support and other resources.

  • Patches
  • Gum
  • Lozenges
  • Inhaler
  • Nasal spray
  • Zyban
  • Chantix (180 days per 12 months)

Dental Checkup

Good Shepherd Clinic Provides Free Medical and Dental Care in Oklahoma City

If your child does not qualify for SoonerCare, Good Shepherd in OKC will provide free medical and dental care to children who do not qualify for SoonerCare in uninsured families below the 200% federal poverty level. Visit to learn more.

SoonerCare Helpline

Need to speak with a SoonerCare helpline representative? Follow the steps below, even if they do not all apply to you, to get connected to a representative. We can check for documents, discuss benefits, help you apply for SoonerCare, or assist you with any other questions or issues you may have.


SoonerCare Communication Satisfaction Survey Thank You

Thank you to all those who took the time to respond to the SoonerCare Communication Satisfaction Survey. We carefully reviewed your feedback and are working to improve the way we share information about SoonerCare.

Below are a few steps we plan to take:

  • Email the member newsletter more frequently, while looking at ways to reach those of you without access to internet.
  • Highlight important, common questions and answers in member newsletters, on the website and on social media.
  • Write social media posts that include new medical news, information to help keep your family healthy and new programs beneficial to you.
  • Update the pages on our website so it’s easier to find information you need regarding coverage, benefits and providers.

It’s important to note we will never use social media as a resource for your personal health information. That information will solely reside in the member portal.

Our goal is to provide you with information on social media that is educational and uplifting.

We hope you will enjoy these new changes, and encourage you to reach out to us with any additional feedback or with your personal story about how SoonerCare has impacted you or your loved ones. Please email us at

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