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Provider Checkup

August 2020

Provider Notes

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HHS Has Extended Application Deadline for Medicaid Providers

As part of its ongoing efforts to provide financial relief to healthcare providers impacted by COVID-19, the Department of Health and Human Services has extended the application deadline for the Phase 2 general distribution to Medicaid, Medicaid managed care, Children's Health Insurance Program and dental providers. HHS also plans to allow certain Medicare providers who experienced challenges in the Phase 1 Medicare general distribution application period a second opportunity to receive funding. Both groups have until Friday, Aug. 28 to apply.

Payments for Providers Who Had a Change in Ownership

Providers who experienced change in ownership challenges may submit their revenue information, along with documentation proving a change in ownership, by Aug. 28 for consideration for Provider Relief Fund payment.

Contracts Renewal and Expiration Dates

Below are contract renewal and expiration dates.

Contracts Expire


Diagnosis on Prescriptions

Diagnosis on Prescriptions

Medication Adherence

Forgetfulness and incomplete knowledge are drivers of poor medication adherence, leading to more than 275,000 deaths in the United States each year. Estimates show people forget 60% of everything they are told after only 20 minutes, and they forget 80% of new learning within 48 hours, including medication directions and health recommendations. Incomplete understanding creates additional barriers for the nearly 50% of patients with low health literacy. Thankfully, each patient encounter is an opportunity for patients and providers to work together to improve medication adherence rates and associated health outcomes.

Medication Adherence

Tobacco Cessation


Be a Voice of Support: Introduce Your Patients to the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline

COVID-19 & Tobacco Use
According to the WHO, smoking impairs lung function, which makes it harder to fight off coronavirus symptoms. Let your patients know that quitting tobacco reduces their odds of developing severe COVID-19 symptoms.

The Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline
The helpline is available to all Oklahomans. With a trained quit coach, your patients can set a quit date and receive free support via phone, email or text. They may also qualify for at least a two-week supply of free nicotine replacement therapy. With three free plans, your patients can customize helpline services to fit their needs.

SoonerCare members may qualify for additional medications prescribed by their doctor. These products don’t count against SoonerCare’s six-prescription limit, and combining these products may increase the chances of success.

My Life, My Quit: Special Services for Teens
Children ages 13-17 can receive FREE tobacco cessation support through live text, web chat or phone. How? They can visit MyLifeMyQuit.com or text “Start My Quit” to 855-891-9989. Services are confidential and do not include NRT.

FREE Materials For Your Office
The helpline also offers free resources for health care providers. Visit OKhelpline.com to order free promotional materials for your office. Brochures, pens, posters, tip cards and more are available.

Dental Checkup

Oklahoma Scores a D On Its Oral Health Report Card

The oral health of Oklahomans was rated on 13 key oral health indicators and compared to the nation's overall performance. Though the results are not encouraging, they do give us a baseline upon which we can improve. OHCA continues to be committed to cultivating relationships to improve oral health outcomes for Oklahomans. In June, it was decided that OHCA would seek proposals from managed care organizations to improve oral health access and outcomes in Oklahoma. You can view the recent Oklahoma Oral Health Report Card here.

PCP Training for Applying Fluoride Varnish

Approximately only 33% of SoonerCare members under 6 are receiving fluoride treatments and the vast majority of those are provided by PCPs or non-dental providers. This is likely due to the fact that young children are much more likely to see a PCP than a dental provider. Please continue using this valuable service on our younger members to protect their oral health.

If you are interested in training for applying fluoride varnish, click here or contact SoonerCare's dental unit at 405-522-7401. The code for this procedure is 99188 and the frequency of reimbursement is every six months.

Updated Carries Risk Assesment Forms

OHCA caries risk assessment forms have been updated to more closely resemble the ADA caries risk assessment forms. The updated forms can be found here.

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