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Tobacco-Free Attestation Opens Today

Attestation Requirements and Deadlines

With the annual Option Period beginning soon, you must be proactive in fulfilling the annual tobacco-free attestation requirements. If you or your dependents are enrolled in the HealthChoice High or Basic plan and wish to remain enrolled for 2018, you must complete the online HealthChoice Tobacco-Free Attestation for Plan Year 2018. Access the attestation on the HealthChoice website.

Current employees, your deadline to complete the attestation is Nov. 13, 2017. Retired, vested and non-vested former employees, COBRA members, and surviving dependents, your deadline is Dec. 7, 2017.

HealthChoice waives the attestation the first year of enrollment in the High or Basic plan but requires it each year thereafter. If you are in the process of quitting tobacco, you must be tobacco-free for 90 days prior to the deadline to attest to being tobacco-free.

If you cannot complete the attestation because you or your covered dependents are not tobacco-free, you can still qualify for the High or Basic plan if you complete one of the following alternatives by your deadline:

  • Enroll in the quit tobacco program through the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline and complete three coaching calls.
  • Provide a letter from your doctor indicating it is not medically advisable for you or your covered dependents to quit tobacco.

If you are not within the initial grace period and do not complete the attestation or alternative, effective Jan. 1, 2018, you will automatically be enrolled in the High Alternative or Basic Alternative plan. As a reward for not using tobacco, the annual deductible in the High or Basic plan is $250 less than the Alternative plans.

Attestation Does Not Apply to HDHP or Medicare Supplements

The attestation does not apply to the High Deductible Health Plan or Medicare supplement plans. However, if you are a Medicare supplement plan member and have covered dependents who are enrolled in the High or Basic plan, you must attest if they are tobacco-free, or they must complete one of the alternatives listed above.

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EGID Address Has Changed

EGID has completed a move of its administrative reception suite location to the 6th floor. The new address for EGID is 3545 N.W. 58th St., Ste. 600, Oklahoma City, OK 73112.

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New Claims Administrator Beginning Jan. 1

The Employees Group Insurance Division (EGID) has named HealthSCOPE Benefits as the new third party administrator (TPA) for HealthChoice medical, dental and life claims effective Jan. 1, 2018.

DXC (formerly HP Enterprises) will continue to process claims and answer questions related to services incurred this year and prior until June 30, 2018.

Facts about HealthSCOPE Benefits include:

  • Fourth largest TPA in the country.
  • Ninety-seven percent of customer inquiries in 2016 were resolved during the first call.
  • Average answer speed in call center is 19.65 seconds.
  • Claim turnaround in 2016 averaged 3.57 days.

EGID is dedicated to making this a smooth and seamless transition for you and your providers. Contact information for HealthSCOPE will be available on the HealthChoice website during Option Period and on the new HealthChoice ID card you will receive by Jan. 1.


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Keep Your Contact Information Updated

To prevent delays in claims processing or missing communications from HealthChoice altogether, please keep EGID informed of your current contact information, including your name, mailing address, phone number and email address. Additionally, Medicare requires eligible members report any changes in name, address or phone number to their insurance plan.

Current employees, contact your insurance/benefits coordinator to update your information.

Former employees, fax changes with your member ID number and signature to member accounts at 405-717-8939 or mail to the attention of member accounts at:

3545 N.W. 58th St., Ste. 600
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

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Identity Theft Protection Companies

In 2015, 13 million Americans became victims of identity theft at a cost of $15 billion according to a research company. Beyond the financial ramifications, identity theft can affect your ability to get a job, rent an apartment, obtain a mortgage or buy a car.

Identity theft protection is a $3 billion dollar industry with approximately 50 to 60 companies currently providing these services to subscribers who pay for more than peace of mind. These companies alert subscribers on suspicious financial activity and help resolve the problems created by identity fraud.

Most identity theft protection companies offer these basic services to subscribers:

  • Credit Monitoring – Review of up to three credit bureaus daily; alert subscribers to credit report changes and attempts to open a new account or of a negative collection item added to the report.
  • Identity Theft Resolution Services – Management of resolution process by a dedicated caseworker who assumes administrative responsibility once you sign a limited power of attorney.
  • Insurance – Insurance coverage of up to $1 million dollars in cases of identity fraud. Federal law already provides protection to all citizens by placing a limit of $50 liability for compromised checking accounts or credit cards. If you pursue litigation to fight fraudulent charges, insurance coverage may only cover expenses, including loss of wages, cost of transportation, and legal fees.

If you consider subscribing, ask yourself the following questions and evaluate the features of each company before you make a selection:

  • Does the company continuously monitor credit reports for all three credit bureaus?
  • Does the company continuously monitor the use of personally identifiable information online?
  • How does the company notify subscribers about suspicious activity and potential fraud?
  • Does the company assume power of attorney to act on my behalf; and work to mitigate the theft, restore my identity and clear my name with creditors, banks, employers and law enforcement agencies?

Due to personal health information privacy laws, an identity protection company subscription will not help you regarding medical identity theft. Continue to review your billing statements and explanations of benefits to ensure the information is accurate. Any suspicious activity should be reported to EGID toll-free at 866-391-3815 or

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