OLAP Update 11/13/2020

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November 13, 2020

Quail Hunting Season Opens November 14


Oklahoma’s quail season runs Nov. 14 to Feb. 15, 2021.

Click here to read the 2020 Quail Season Outlook.

Interested in quail hunting on OLAP? Click here for ODWC's comprehensive quail species profile.





Quail Hunting FAQs on OLAP:

Are OLAP Walk-in areas open to quail hunting during deer rifle season?
Yes. Rifles and shotgun slugs are prohibited on OLAP Archery/Shotgun Only Walk-in Hunting Areas. These areas are open as usual to hunting with archery and shotgun with pellets.

Where can I find Northern Bobwhite?
The Northern Bobwhite is a shrub obligate species that prefer areas within 100 feet of protective cover to escape avian predators. Protective cover consists of low-growing vegetation that provides a visual barrier to these predators in addition to thermal cover, such as plum, sumac, blackberries, downed trees, etc. These can often be located by scouting the online OLAP maps with the default aerial photo basemap.

Click here to access the Oklahoma Quail Habitat Guide and Northern Bobwhite Habitat Requirements and Evaluation Guide for more information on quail habitat preferences.

Where can I find Scaled Quail?
Scaled Quail can be found in low numbers in localized areas of the panhandle. On OLAP in Cimarron Co., they can be found in low numbers on native grassland with yucca, cactus, and other shrubs/forbs. Be aware that Scaled Quail hunting can be challenging as coveys may not be uniformly distributed on the landscape. Look for structure such as stacks of pallets, old rusted vehicles, etc. These can often be located by scouting the online OLAP maps with the default aerial photo basemap.

Note: Review the online OLAP maps to verify habitat cover for Cimarron Co. Much of this land is agricultural land leased for pronghorn and sandhill crane opportunities, and these agricultural tracts will have very limited upland bird opportunities..



New Walk-in Hunting Areas: Archery/Shotgun Only


McIntosh_H004: Archery/Shotgun Only

40 acres of forest and wetlands with Elk Creek.

Link to map zoomed to walk-in hunting area.


McIntosh_H003: Archery/Shotgun Only

320 acres of forest and grassland/shrubland. Creeks and ponds present.

Link to map zoomed to walk-in hunting area.

Map Tips

Remember to click on walk-in areas to bring up more information, including access types, dates, habitat information, specific comments/instructions, and photos. This function is available when accessing maps on a computer or via the mobile app (Explorer for ArcGIS).


Reminder: Review the maps before entering the walk-in area. Get a good feel for the property boundaries, topography, changes in land use (farming or ranching), etc. 

Boundaries may consist of a change from grassland to agriculture, a mowed strip (example pictured), etc. Some walk-in areas may not have fences for OLAP boundary signs, and it's the responsibility of hunters to know their location and the walk-in area's boundaries.




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Interactive OLAP Tour

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Explorer App

Use the free ArcGIS Explorer App to bring the OLAP Walk-in Areas to your mobile device (data signal required). Once the app is installed on your device, search the Maps for "OLAP" and select the ODWC OLAP Web Map".

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Digital maps can be accessed via browser and/or the Explorer mobile app. Direct link to online maps.

You can also visit the OLAP webpage to downloaded updated PDF maps. The link to the PDFs is under the "maps" tab (scroll down). Direct link to PDF maps.



Administered by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, The Oklahoma Land Access Program (OLAP) provides financial incentives to landowners who allow public access for hunting, fishing, stream access, and wildlife viewing opportunities on private lands. No additional permit is required by sportspersons to access OLAP walk-in areas, however hunting and fishing licenses are required, respectively, unless a person is exempt.

Consult regulations before entering OLAP Walk-in Areas. Visit the OLAP webpage to learn more.