Wildlife Diversity Update for December

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December 13, 2017

T-81 Risk Map


Underground Hideouts Identified for Ozark Wildlife

The Wildlife Department and longtime partner in conservation The Nature Conservancy recently found areas within the Ozark Mountains where conservation could be focused to benefit individual populations and entire species.

Priority conservation areas were identified for 28 species, many of which are known from only a handful of locations in Oklahoma 

Cedar Waxwing


Species Spotlight:  Cedar Waxwing

Sleek and colorful, cedar waxwings often announce their presence with a series of high-pitched calls. These handsome birds have a dark mask, noticeable crest and tail feathers tipped with yellow. Flocks of 30 to 100 birds are common in the eastern two-thirds of our state during winter months. 

Attract these colorful wintertime visitors by planting small fruit-bearing shrubs, like deciduous holly, or offering dried berries at your bird feeding station. 

Learn more in the Wildlife Department's Field Guide

Bald Eagle


Tips for Making Your Winter Eagle Watching Trips Successful

Oklahoma’s bald eagle numbers peak between November and February, making winter the prime season for eagle watching.   

Stack the odds of seeing our Nation’s symbol in your favor with these tips 

Striped Shiner


Conserving Oklahoma's Natural Heritage

Our wildlife resources are part of our natural heritage, along with the plant communities on which they rely. The Oklahoma Natural Heritage Inventory, a branch of the Oklahoma Biological Survey, collects information about our plants and animals and maintains a publicly accessible clearinghouse of records for the state.

Learn more about the ONHI, a partner of the Wildlife Diversity Program

Calendar of Events

 Setting a Table for Backyard Birds

December 16, 2017
9-11 a.m.
Hackberry Flat Center, Frederick

Bald Eagle Watch

December 30, 2017
Lake Thunderbird State Park, Norman

Oklahoma Wildlife and Prairie Heritage Alliance Annual Meeting

January 8, 2018
Quartz Mountain Nature Park

Saturday Morning Bird Walk

January 13, 2018
8 a.m.
Mohawk Park, Tulsa

Ultimate Eagle Watch

January 20, 2018
Kaw Lake


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Get involved with the Wildlife Diversity Program and learn more about Oklahoma's nongame wildlife at: wildlifedepartment.com

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