Tentative Property Values Now Available

Franklin County OH Auditor

August 8, 2023




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Tentative Property Values Now Available


COLUMBUS, Ohio – All Franklin County property owners’ new 2023 Tentative Property Values are now available on the Know Your Home Value website, Franklin County Auditor Michael Stinziano announced Tuesday.

The new proposed values were determined by the 2023 Reappraisal, a comprehensive process required by state law that updates every property value in the county to reflect several factors, including the county real estate sales market. A notification including the new tentative values will also be mailed to property owners later this month.

“Franklin County property owners are encouraged to look at the proposed values and reflect if they sold their property today, would the proposed value be aligned with what they would seek from a new buyer,” said Stinziano.

Property owners are reminded that a property value increase does not mean a property tax increase; there is no one-to-one ratio of value increase to property taxes.

Property owners who feel their new value is incorrect have the option to submit documents or schedule a Property Value Review, where they can meet with appraisers and explain their opinion of the property value. Property Value Review appointments can be scheduled via the Know Your Home Value website and can be virtual or in-person at multiple locations across the county. The Auditor’s office will hold these review sessions throughout the month of September.

“I strongly encourage any homeowner who feels the value is inaccurate to schedule a Property Value Review, where they can work with the Auditor’s office to share information as to why a change may be appropriate,” Stinziano said.

Besides scheduling a Property Value Review, the Know Your Home Value website is a one-stop resource for all things about the 2023 Reappraisal. New features include the ability to compare your property’s tentative value with others in the neighborhood, municipality, across the county and across the state using intuitive GIS mapping technology. The site also includes a Property Tax Estimator tool that can estimate an owner’s property tax obligation using the new tentative values.

To learn your new tentative property value or to schedule a Property Value review, visit the Know Your Home Value website.