Know Your Home Value Campaign Launches Ahead of Triennial Update

Franklin County OH Auditor

July 22, 2020


Contact: Monica Moran, 614.378.2879


Know Your Home Value Campaign Launches Ahead of Triennial Update

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Franklin County Auditor Michael Stinziano announced Monday the launch of the Know Your Home Value campaign to educate property owners about the role they have in determining their assessed property value.

The Know Your Home Value initiative comes as the Auditor’s office launches the Triennial Update, which will update property values for all 435,000-plus parcels in Franklin County.

In Ohio, county auditors are required to do a full, general reappraisal once every six years. On the third year in between reappraisals, county auditors are required by Ohio law to adjust property values based on sales and the market over the past three years.   The Franklin County Auditor's office last performed a full property appraisal in 2017, so state law requires a Triennial Update in 2020.

“I want property owners to know they have a role and a voice in determining their property values,” Stinziano said. “There will be many opportunities for owners to be involved, and I hope the Know Your Home Value campaign will educate everyone on how they can participate in the Triennial Update process.”

The Auditor’s office has launched a new website,, with Triennial information, an educational video and the ability to schedule virtual and in-person Informal Value Review meetings where homeowners can challenge their tentative home values. Because of the pandemic, the office has adapted and is encouraging the use of virtual meetings, where owners can discuss their property values online with an appraiser from the comfort of their homes.

As part of Know Your Home Value, the Auditor’s office convened a community focus group to get feedback on the Triennial Update plan. The office is also partnering with the Kirwan Institute to look towards the appraisal process with an equity-focused lens throughout the update process.

Here is how the Triennial Update works:

  1. Tentative property values will be mailed to every Franklin County property owner in late August. If they agree with the value, there is nothing more they need to do.
  2. If the property owner disagrees with the proposed value, they may participate in an Informal Value Review and discuss their property value with an appraiser.
  3. Final values for people who participated in informal reviews will be mailed out in December. If an owner still disagrees, they may file a complaint with the Franklin County Board of Revision, which hears challenges to property values.

For more information, visit, or call the Auditor’s office at 614-525-HOME (4663).