County Elected Officials Expand Electronic Record Filing Process

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June 22, 2020                                                    Auditor Contact:

*FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE*                          Monica Moran, 614.378.2879



Franklin County Will Now Accept Electronic Processing/Filing of Deeds

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Franklin County Auditor Michael Stinziano, Recorder Daniel J. O’Connor and Engineer Cornell Robertson jointly announced Monday the newly expanded ability to accept and process deeds electronically, allowing for more efficiency in the transferring of property. 

The County has partnered with Simplifile, which has a well established product to assist with the multiple steps involved in transferring a property.  This technology is more efficient for all those transferring property as well as the three government offices involved, but will only supplement current in-person transactions.  Title companies, law firms and other companies that handle real estate transactions will benefit the most from this new process.  

“This new system will make the whole transfer and conveyance process more efficient and is a large part of bringing the Auditor’s office into the 21st century with new technological innovations that will benefit the residents and businesses of Franklin County,” Stinziano said. “Our customers will reap the benefits of a quicker, streamlined transfer and conveyance process.”

The launch is timely, as the pandemic has increased the use of e-recording nationwide. “I am proud to partner with Auditor Stinziano and Engineer Robertson to allow our customers to electronically record deeds and, eventually, other property transfer documents. As the largest county recorder’s office in Ohio, anything that makes the process of transferring properties in Franklin County more efficient is good for all those involved in the real estate industry and market,” said Recorder O’Connor.

In addition to being more efficient, Simplifile will eliminate time-consuming check writing, and will immediately identify any errors on documents that are being filed, ensuring they can be quickly corrected and resubmitted.

“I want to thank Auditor Stinziano, Recorder O’Connor and Engineer Robertson for launching this technology, which will offer greater efficiencies and significantly reduce the amount of time transactions take,” said Mark Bennett, Executive Director of the Ohio Land Title Association. “We are thrilled for the industry to be able to use this service to further help consumers transfer real estate in a timely manner.” 

"The Franklin County Engineer's Office is an agency of action, innovation, and collaboration. Franklin County's new E-Recording system by Simplifile meets each of these three components. In regards to innovation, Simplifile is revolutionary technology for transferring property, and I am happy to collaborate with Auditor Stinziano and Recorder O'Connor," said Engineer Robertson.

Simplifile is already used by many large counties and municipalities, including Hamilton County in Ohio.

To use the new system, companies or firms create an account online at, select Franklin County as the recording jurisdiction, then upload scanned documents for recording. The status of the documents, and whether they have been successfully recorded, is listed next to the documents in Simplifile. The system will notify the filer if there are any errors that need to be corrected or if a document has been rejected.

For more information on the new system or questions please reach out to any of the three offices.