FRAUD ALERT: Auditor Stinziano Cautions Franklin County Dog Owners of Licensing Scam

Franklin County OH Auditor

Friday, December 6, 2019


Contact: Monica Moran, 614.378.2879


Fraud Alert: Auditor Stinziano Warns Dog Owners of Licensing Scam

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Franklin County Auditor Michael Stinziano urges dog owners to be cautious when purchasing dog licenses online, as no outside vendors legally sell dog licenses in Franklin County. The site is fraudulently selling fake dog licenses to unsuspecting dog owners.   

The fake site, which attempts to mimic an official website, claims to provide illegal discounts to senior citizens.

Consumers are advised that all dog licenses sold by the Franklin County Auditor’s office arrive in physical form, and can only be purchased online at

“Our office is here to protect the businesses and residents of Franklin County. We will do everything we can to protect consumers from fraudulent activity,” Stinziano said.     

Ohioans living outside of Franklin County should contact their county auditor to purchase a dog license.

Anyone with questions can call the Franklin County Auditor’s office at (614) 525-HOME.