Deer Park Alumni Spotlight: David Coffey (Class of 1979) Shines in Media Production, Architecture, and Community Engagement

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Deer Park Alumni Spotlight:

David Coffey (Class of 1979) Shines in Media Production, Architecture, and Community Engagement

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Deer Park High School alum David Coffey (Class of 1979) is not just your average success story. His journey from the halls of Deer Park to California's film industry and the historic houses of Bakersfield showcases the power of passion, dedication, and a touch of Wildcat spirit. David's story shows how his roots in Deer Park have shaped his extraordinary career and community contributions.

During his formative years at Deer Park High School, Coffey had his hands in a variety of extracurricular activities. A member of the Marching Wildcats, Debate Club (known as It’s Academic), Student Council, a Library Aide, and member of the Cross Country team, Coffey demonstrated leadership and versatility in his pursuits. His role as the PA Announcer for the Deer Park Wildcats Basketball team showcased his passion for community engagement and school spirit.

"I could tell, even at that young age, that it was a special place to be," he said.

Following his graduation, Coffey pursued his passion for media production at the University of Cincinnati's College-Conservatory of Music, where he earned a degree in Broadcasting. His career path led him to Los Angeles, California, where he made significant contributions to the film industry.

David continued his venture in media production, where he eventually found himself at the helm of TECMO, a prominent video game company in the late 90s. Reflecting on his experience, David remarked, "I looked around at 34 years old and realized I was the oldest video game developer in the room, so I started looking for something else to do."

This pivotal moment propelled David into new realms of professional exploration, leading him to carve out a diverse and impactful career path, transitioning to a project management position at Steelcase, a leading furniture manufacturer.

Realizing he did not need to live in the city to be a project manager, Coffey moved to Bakersfield, CA, where he remains today.

Coffey's passion for architecture and historical preservation has been a driving force throughout his career. As the owner of Richard Neutra's Davis House in Bakersfield, and the steward of Frank Lloyd Wright's Ablin House, he has championed the conservation of architectural heritage. Coffey's involvement with the Society of Architectural Historians Southern California Chapter and his curation of historical architecture events in Bakersfield underscore his commitment to preserving cultural landmarks.

David Coffey Cross Country

Throughout his career, Coffey has maintained a strong connection to Deer Park, recently taking a keen interest in the innovative Career Academies offered by the school. Recognizing the value of practical education and skill development, he remains an advocate for empowering students to explore their passions and pursue their dreams.

"The Career Academies are such a unique experience for Deer Park students," he said. "I see such a benefit to creating foundational education in young students who may have an interest in the field."

David Coffey's remarkable journey from Deer Park High School to his current endeavors serves as a source of inspiration for the entire Deer Park community. His commitment to excellence, innovation, and community engagement embodies the core values upheld by Deer Park Schools.

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