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State Testing Information

Spring 2021

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State Testing Overview

This Spring, we resume our annual rounds of State testing.  For students in grades 7 and 8, these tests are typically referred to as AIR tests (AIR stands for American Institutes of Research, the company that produces the tests).  For students in grades 9-12, these are typically referred to as EOC (End of Course) exams.

While 7th and 8th grade testing are useful for data review, the high school tests are important for students as they work towards their graduation pathways.  Our teachers have been working hard this year to help our students get caught up and ready for these exams, and we are understanding that the data this year will be skewed based on the impact of Covid and education.  The State of Ohio has also been working with schools to make some considerations on how this year's tests will be viewed differently from a State Report Card and Value-Added data perspective.

There are a lot of layers here!  If you have any additional questions, please, as always, feel free to reach out to us!

Testing Schedule by Subject

The following tests will be given on the following days:

April 13th and 14th: English 7, English 8, and English 10
Note: English 10 is sometimes referred to as "English II"

April 27th and 28th: 8th Grade Math, Algebra 1, Geometry

April 29th: 7th Grade Math, 8th Grade Science, Biology

April 30th: 7th Grade Math, 8th Grade Science, American History, American Government


Testing Schedule Times

All Junior High Students will report to school at the normal starting time (8:10 a.m.) every day, regardless of whether or not they are taking a state test.

All High School Students who are testing will also report at the normal starting time (8:10 a.m.) for their EOC exams.

All High School Students who ARE NOT testing will not report to school until the testing blocks are over.  School starts for non-testing high school students the following times:

April 13th, 14th, 27th, and 28th:  10:50 a.m. (report to 4th bell)

April 29th and 30th: 11:40 a.m. (report to 4th bell)

PLEASE NOTE: Some High School students may be taking EOC Retakes.  Parents have been notified if their student is doing a retake, but please check with your student and/or your student's school counselor with any questions.

Chromebook Information and Needs

All students who are taking a state test MUST bring their Chromebooks to school each morning fully charged!  We will only have a limited number of extra Chromebooks available for students, and those will be reserved for technological emergencies.

Please work with your student to set a timer and reminder the day and/or night before each test to make sure they have their Chromebooks charged AND please set a timer/reminder each morning with your student to ensure they don't forget their Chromebooks at home.

Thank you for all of your assistance!

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