Updates from the Ohio Department of Education on Graduation Requirements, Teacher Licensure and Students with Disabilities

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Updates from the Ohio Department of Education on Graduation Requirements, Teacher Licensure and Students with Disabilities

Graduation Requirements 

The Ohio Department of Education this week posted information online to address the fact that disruptions to Ohio’s State Tests in the spring of 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic will continue to impact graduation eligibility for high school studentsThe information, titled Graduation Flexibility – 2021 and Beyond, describes changes made by newly enacted House Bill 164 that allow districts and schools to substitute an eligible student’s final course grade in an eligible course for the corresponding high school end-of-course examination. Get more details about the changes online here. 

Teacher Licensure 

In addition, as schools plan for the next school year, districts and educators are being given licensure flexibility for the 2020-2021 school year only. Pursuant to House Bill 164, a superintendent may employ or assign an educator to teach a subject area or grade level for which the person is not licensed but that is within two grade levels of the person’s licensure grade band. Read more about this newly enacted flexibility online here 

Students with Disabilities 

Finally, the Ohio Department of Education has posted updates for students with disabilities, including information about determining compensatory services in light of the ordered school-building closure. Updated information is available online here