June 2019 - SuccessBound Update

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each child our future - in ohio, each child is challenged, prepared and empowered

June 27, 2019SuccessBound

Bringing together Ohio's strong business and education partners to engage and inspire students

The purpose of this newsletter is to inform and engage partners in the New Skills for Youth and SuccessBound work. Please direct any questions or suggestions to Cassie Palsgrove at cassandra.palsgrove@education.ohio.gov. 

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Major Highlights


2019 Career Connections Conference Reminder

Attend this year’s Career Connections Conference on Monday, July 29, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., at the Hilton Columbus Easton. The event offers educators an opportunity to network, collaborate, and gather to share ideas about the Career Connections work happening throughout the state. Presentations will focus on career advising, work-based learning, leveraging business advisory councils, and developing career pathways. Through strong career advising practices, Ohio’s Career Connections program aligns with the plan for supporting the whole child found in Each Child, Our Future, Ohio’s five-year strategic plan for education. Plan to attend the conference to learn about innovative ideas and resources for kicking off the 2019-2020 school year.

Tentative Conference Schedule Available Here!

Additional conference details and a registration form are available on the Ohio Association for Career and Technical Education website. Register today!


Help us promote OhioMeansJobs K-12 Backpacks!

Students can take practice ACT/SAT and WorkKeys Tests, explore career pathways, build a resume and more! View these resources to get started and help us promote reporting students who have earned the OhioMeansJobs Readiness Seal in OMJ!

Goal 1 = Sector Advisory Councils established1

  • Ohio Manufacturing Association, BioOhio, partnerships with Ohio Department of Higher Education, and the Ohio Traveler's Association have been established to develop sector partnerships
  • Working with the Office of Workforce Transformation for Aviation, Petrochemical/Energy (asked Ohio Oil & Gas), and Logistics (asked Ohio Logistic) for 2018
  • Program of Work includes: Industry Credential evaluation assistance, marketing strategy advisement, professional development opportunity connections, event collaboration and pathway advisement

Goal 2 = A Dynamic Pathway Tool accessible through OhioMeansJobs is utilized in student career advising

  • ODE is working with Ohio Job and Family Services to develop with Monster.com
  • Tool will be accessible through OhioMeansJobs.com
  • Schools will be able to customize course offerings and experiences based on their resources
  • For current pathway models, click here

Goal 3 = Increase number of student backpacks (career advising) on OhioMeansJobs

  • 2019 goal of increasing the number of active backpacks by 10%
  • Active Accounts as of 5/31/2019 = 452,624
  • Total backpacks created since inception over 600,000

Goal 1 = Increase the number of high-quality, in-demand pathways & students enrolled2

  • Visit SuccessBound.Ohio.Gov and navigate the "Prepare - Design - Evaluate" pages for resources to develop systems of quality pathways 
  • SuccessBound events continue to be developed and hosted to build and develop pathway partnerships

Goal 2 = Decrease the number of programs that are not high-quality, in-demand pathways

Goal 3 = Increasing participation of economically disadvantaged, African-American and Hispanic students in high-quality, in-demand pathways

  • Tech prep regions are being challenged to place at least 100 students in WBL in Ohio's major 8 school districts
  • Urban CTE Expansion team developed to explore strategies for participation of under served populations
  • Partnering with the Ohio Small and Rural Schools collaborative to host a SuccessBound design and develop event specifically for their school districts

Goal 1 = Report completion of work-based learning opportunities for all

Goal 2 = Pilot and evaluate process to obtain workforce data

  • Pilot sites have been identified
  • Contract with Ohio Education Research Center is in place
  • Data sharing agreements are issued to pilot sites and one sites data has come back with an over 95% matching rate
  • Year 2 is in development

Goal 3 = Develop a Career readiness dashboard to report important data 

  • An initial draft of dashboard indicators is developed
  • Mapping tool is developed 
  • ODE will pursue a multi-tool approach to connect stakeholders to valuable data such as credential attainment, pathway participation, etc. 

Goal 1 = Increase Pre-Apprenticeship Programs

  • Many resources available on the Ohio Department of Education website4
  • Staff travel around the state to discuss pre-apprenticeship options with ApprenticeOhio
  • Partnership with Ohio Department of Job and Family Services and ApprenticeOhio
  • Connecting Educational Service Centers and Business Advisory Councils to pre-apprenticeship information

Goal 2 = Increase the number of schools that offer work-based learning opportunities

  • Adecco has identified regional contacts to assist in placing student who have made contact with over 150 schools and business across the state to being work-based learning programs
  • An internal WBL committee has been formed to address expanding WBL opportunities for all students. Ohio is working with the College and Career Readiness and Success Center to participate in a Work-Based Learning Peer Network
    • Priorities identified:
    • Expand and revise toolkit resources
    • Expand internal Work-Based Learning Workgroup
    • Identify how Work-Based Learning will be integrated into Perkins reauthorization
  • Continue to learn from the Personalized Professional Pathways Pilot
  • Learning Management Systems course in under edit
  • Personalized Professional Pathways (P3) Pilot - Year 2 application deadline of August 22nd
  • Work-Based Learning measurement in EMIS released (page 19)

Goal 3 = Increase the number of schools that offer career-focused pathways

  • A "how to" guide on implementing career pathways is under development
  • Goal of training trainers (SuccessBound Coaches) throughout the state to assist in implementation and professional development
  • Six Ohio College Tech Prep Regional Centers have been established to provide support in: development and implementation of programs of study, development of articulation agreements and providing students with opportunities to earn college credit. Click here to find your regions contact.
  • These regional centers have been paired up with their Regional Workforce Collaboratives, JobsOhio Economic Development group, local OMJ Centers and various professionals throughout their region to develop regional cross-sector teams.

Goal 4 = Work with the Ohio Association of Community Colleges and Department of Higher Education to create and log model College Credit Plus high-quality, in-demand career pathways

  • Statewide request to collect model College Credit Plus Pathways has been sent by Higher Education Department

Goal 5 = Graduates will earn the OhioMeansJobs-Readiness Seal

Goal 6 = High quality professional development for educators for simultaneous credit

  • A "Standards by Design" tool is under development to allow educators to see content that crosses between technical and academic fields
  • SuccessBound Trainings have been held as a part of this professional development
  • Guidance documents and videos are underway to assist teachers in navigating and incorporating aligned standards into curriculum
  • Simultaneous Credit guidance is posted on department of education website

Goal 7 = Align all technical standards to academic standards

  • ELA and Math alignment complete
  • Science and Social Studies standards alignment complete

Goal 8 = Design, develop, and test Standards by Design tool

  • Standards alignments are complete
  • Project is under development and due to be deployed winter 2019

Goal 1 = All workforce education and training programs use common counseling materials 5

  • OhioMeansJobs.com is the common career counseling tool used

Goal 2 = Reduce the gaps and overlaps in education, career training, and workforce development funding sources 

  • Funding is cataloged to begin identifying gaps

Goal 3 = Identify gaps in accessibility of career-focused programs, issue targeted assistance to districts in implementing high-quality, in-demand career pathways

  • Current pathway offerings are mapped

Goal 1 = Increase the percentage of graduates with an industry-recognized credential 6

  • Credential applications will be under review by industry professionals for consideration of what is to be added to the list for graduation
  • Credentials continue to be an important part of graduation requirements

Goal 2 = Statewide articulation agreement increase

Goal 3 = Begin advanced technology or cyber security programs

  • Over 10 schools submitted their intent to offer cyber security programs in their buildings

Goal 4 = Increase the number of senior-only credential programs 

  • Senior Only Credential program presentations at SuccessBound and various other conferences
  • Number of students participating in senior only credential programs has increase significantly - over 10% of the 4 year graduation cohort!

Goal 5 = Professional development series on effectively delivering career preparation for all students

  • The courses within the LMS will be delivered in a blended approach
  • Career Advising workshops coming the 2019-2020 school year
  • A license validation and Linked In badge is being explored for those educators who complete modules

Acronym Glossary:

ODE = Ohio Department of Education OERC = Ohio Education Research Center OWT = Office of Workforce Transformation LMS = Learning Management System ODHE = Ohio Department of Higher Education WBL = Work-Based Learning EMIS = Education Management Information System CTE = Career-Technical Education OMJ = Ohio Means Jobs