UPDATE: New Downtown Exit Opens in One Week

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New Downtown Exit to Parsons Ave. to Replace 18th St. Ramp


UPDATE: Interstate 70 eastbound drivers headed to Nationwide Children's Hospital will use a new exit ramp starting Friday, December 20 (not Saturday, as previously released). Instead of exiting at 18th St. as drivers have in the past, the new ramp will land motorists at the intersection of Parsons Ave. and Mooberry St.

This means the decision point for I-70 east drivers will come much sooner than before. Traffic wishing to access Nationwide Children's Hospital or Parsons Ave. will exit the highway on the right just past 4th St., before the through lanes shift to the left. Parsons traffic should stay to the far right to exit and traffic that wants to continue on I-70 East should stay left.

Along with the interstate changes, traffic on Parsons Ave. will now come to a signalized intersection at Mooberry St. and should be prepared to stop. 

Once the new ramp from I-70 east to Parsons Ave. opens, the existing eastbound ramp to 18th St. will close permanently. This closure allows crews to begin rebuilding I-70 east over Parsons Ave.

To see a rendering of the project once all phases are complete, click here.

More information: Breanna Badanes at 614-452-2825 or Brooke Ebersole at 614-813-0064

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