NEWS RELEASE: Director Marchbanks introduces ODOT budget

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Contact: Matt Bruning - (614) 466-6906

Director Marchbanks introduces ODOT budget

COLUMBUS - Ohio Department of Transportation Director Jack Marchbanks appeared before the Ohio House Finance Committee today to introduce a recommended $7.43 billion transportation budget that will fund operations at ODOT for the next two years. This includes a proposed $0.18 increase in Ohio's motor vehicle fuel tax that would fund critical road and bridge maintenance throughout the state. If approved by the General Assembly, the tax would also be adjusted according to inflation each year.

The revenue raised in the first year equates to roughly $1.2 billion and will be split between ODOT and local governments. ODOT receives roughly 60% of that funding and local governments get about 40%. Per a constitutional restriction, this money can only be used for purposes related to the construction, reconstruction, maintenance, and repair of public highways and bridges.

In fiscal year 2020, this proposal will provide ODOT with $750 million additional dollars in revenue to pave roads, fix guardrails, fill potholes, clear snow and ice, maintain bridges, and most importantly, improve safety. It will also provide local governments with a significant increase in the funding, including $1.6 million for every county in the state.

You can find a copy of Director Marchbanks' testimony, with more details on the budget proposal, by clicking here.

A breakout of additional revenue each local government entity will receive is available by clicking here.