OnBoard updates coming for health care providers

OnBoard updates coming for health care providers

The Workers' Compensation Board is excited to announce the latest enhancements coming to the OnBoard system for health care providers. These updates will be available in OnBoard on the evening of Thursday, February 8, 2024. Thetraining webpageswill also be updated on Thursday, February 8, 2024 to feature these updates.  

Provider delegate PAR submissions

Health care providers will no longer be required to submit a PAR drafted by their delegates. Delegates will have the ability to draft, attest to, and fully submit a PAR in OnBoard. Provider delegates will be able to: 

  • Draft and submit PARs. 
  • Escalate Medication PARs to Level 2 review.  
  • Continue escalating PARs to Level 3 for Medical Director's Office review. 

With this enhancement, "Ready to Submit" will no longer be an option. Instead, delegates will select "Attest and Submit" to submit the PAR for insurer review.  

Attest and Submit

If a health care provider wants to continue
submitting all PARs drafted by their delegates, the delegates
can draft the PAR content and select "Save as Draft" in the upper right corner of the drafted PAR. This PAR draft will save in the provider's draft eForms tab. 

Request for Decision on Unpaid Medical Bill(s) (Form HP-1.0) updates

New attestation

The attestation required as part of a submission of Form HP-1.0 will be updated. The new attestation will read as follows: 

I affirm, under penalty of perjury, that: 

  1. The attached medical bill(s) was submitted to the responsible insurer/self-insured employer for payment, AND
  2. Proper payment in accordance with the applicable Fee Schedule has not been received, OR
  3. If no payment was received, the Prior Authorization Request (PAR) is attached and that the PAR was not “Granted Without Prejudice” or "Denied," and/or there are no pending legal issues, AND
  4. If the fee amount is in dispute, this is not an attempt to bill in excess of the fee schedule, AND
  5. I will abide by the NYS Workers’ Compensation Board's decision, AND
  6. I understand that any improper submissions of HP-1s in any of these contexts may result in disciplinary action.  

Prevent duplicate Form HP-1.0 submissions

Currently in OnBoard, Form HP-1.0 submissions that are flagged as a duplicate present a warning message to users. This warning message alerts the user if the Form HP-1.0 was previously submitted for the same date(s) of service. Users can still continue to submit the form, regardless of this warning.  

In order to prevent duplicate submissions, a new alert will appear for users attempting to submit a duplicate submission. The first alert will flag that this may be a duplicate submission. Users can select Ok to continue with their submission. If it is a duplicate, users can select Exit to return to the dashboard.  

Hp1 duplicate error message


If the user continues to attempt the submission and continues to enter duplicative information, a new alert will appear asking, "Has the HP-1 previously been rejected?" If Yes, the user will be required to enter in the related Dispute Number.  

Hp1 duplicate error message

If the Form HP-1.0has not been previously rejected, the user will be notified that it is a duplicate request and they will not be able to submit.  

HP1 duplicate error message


More information

The health care provider instructions will be updated on Thursday, February 8, 2024.  

If you have any questions, email onboard@wcb.ny.gov.  

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